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  1. Went to the drug store today and decided to check out the section where I would find Old Spice. I did this because my wife and I were talking about fragrances and how Old Spice is one of her all time favourites and also how it is one of the few inexpensive fragrances that is universally loved by so many.

    When I began to check out the aftershave and cologne isle I saw that there were COUNTLESS varieties of Old Spice, and funnily enough they were all out of original, or at least I could not find it!

    I don't recall a time when there was just one kind of OS. But I do remember when there was no more than a few varieties. I also remember when their ad campaign was more serious and dramatic, with cinematic commercials set on the ocean or mountain top. Not that I have a problem with the humous ads we see now, but I did like the very real associations they made between the product and the manly world they framed it in.

    Does too man different kinds of OS take away from the original's classic appeal?
  2. Yes, and some of those new scents are atrocious! I bought one of their body washes, can't remember which it was, but I used it exactly twice and threw the bottle out. It was very YUCK.

    I only like the classic scent.
  3. I agree, old spice has let their scents get outta control. It's one of those brands that IMO should just stay with the original.
  4. I may be the wrong person to ask, since I cannot stand the original OS (seriously, it makes me feel ill). That being said, I think most of the new varieties will be relatively short-lived (Although not the Foxcrest, I hope. Always gets me compliments). They're trying to appeal to a younger demographic, those that grew up filling their heads with Axe fumes. In time, many of them will be discontinued, and they will narrow it down to what sells best. The original will stick around; even if I hate it (every girl I've ever been with has hated it too), I have to admire it's longevity as an American original.
  5. Due to the amount of synthetics now used, especially in "drug store" scents, I'd recommend getting some vintage Avon Wild Country on ebay, which is abundant. You probably could get a huge decanter, up to 8 ounces, for around $10 or less total, so why bother with the new stuff?
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    I apologize if this is a dumb question but I just looked at the OS website and it was a bit overwhelming. Is there a body wash that smells something close to their original AS?

    i see they have a "classic" line but I've heard it isn't too similar.
  7. I don't know about body wash, but I know the antiperspirant/deodorant is pretty accurate (as far as P&G's version is concerned). Even makes me sick like the real stuff, so it must be accurate!:001_tt2:
  8. The Classic Body Wash is actually pretty good. I'm not going to say it smells the same as Shulton OS, but it smells good enough in the shower, lathers like a champ and makes me feel clean at the end of it. I'd recommend it.
  9. I like the "Original", sold in the glass bottle, with the red cap.

    It is still a P&G product, destined for (a.o.) the German market, but it is a decent scent.

    I do not know why the American OS is sold in a plastic bottle ... cost? Or is breakable glass deemed too dangerous?
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  10. I think they're just trying to compete with AXE. I wouldn't be too worried about it, as the original will stick around. Especially since as you noted, it was sold out but the others were still in stock!
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    Check on where the OS is made. Many users prefer the "made in India" version not the Canadian one - more like resl original.

    Check out some of our vendors for OS aftershave and shaving cream.
  12. Love the original Old Spice although I wear it rarely these days. My favorite uncle wore it all his life and I can't smell it without thinking of him. Makes me long for the days when men could fix a barbed wire fence but had no idea what color taupe was.
  13. I think options are good. As long as they keep the classic on the shelf. Many of the others are way to heavy smelling.
  14. I was at the drugstore again and they were still out of the original! And even when they have it the bottles aren't that big. It seems to me that the makers of OS are simply in a battle against the makers of Axe products.
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    I think they are trying to market to a younger demo.
    Someone in a previous thread mentioned they were trying to compete with Axe and that makes sense to me.

    I don't use Old Spice but their commercials sure are funny.
  16. I like OS and the newer stuff like Wolfthorn, Fiji, and Matterhorn.
  17. To me Old Spice is Old Spice. A signature scent that is now known as Old Spice Classic. I wish that P&G (or whoever owns the label now) would come up with a different label for all these modern splashes that have nothing to do with "Old" or "Spice".
  18. I use the classic body wash. It is the only cleanser I use in the shower. It really is a great scent. My wife, when she's in the room when I shower loves the way it makes the bathroom smell. And it doesn't last too long, so it doesn't clash with my soaps or AS.
  19. You are exactly right. These many other products (and indeed they might be quite good) are not Old Spice and that's all there is to it. You take a bottle of Glenlivet and add a half ounce of something else and it just isn't Glenlivet anymore. What it becomes might be great, but its not Glenlivet
  20. I still don't know how the Old Spice Original fits in.

    Is it just the Classic in a glass bottle? Or is it a different formula?

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