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  1. Hey all,

    Does anyone know, is Old Spice talc still produced anywhere? I have Imperial Leather, and Clubman. I'd love some OS talcum powder if it's still made.

    Any ideas??

  2. I have not seen this but I recently saw lots of Yardey of London at the most unusual of places.

    Al raz.
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    Avon talc is available in thrift stores and antique stores. The Avon scent Spicy is an Old Spice clone. You might look for that.
  4. I was Googling all morning, found 1 spot, and it seemed quite expensive. Thanks for the linky.

    4 x 100g bottles...$26.00 - I ordered it. We'll see if it's worth it! Thanks
  5. Glad to help! I thought about ordering it in the past, but always held off due to it being a small size. Did you check to see if any of the B&B Vendors stock it?
  6. I've been on many of the B&B Vendors sites, I never did see it.
  7. Me neither. I forgot to check before I posted the link, but after looking, I don't feel so bad now. :)
  8. I got a vintage bottle full of talc at an antique shop for $3. Along with after shave, cologne, and an os mug for 12 total, all vintage. I would search antique stores. When i use this up I am just using the indian made OS talc.
  9. Got it yesterday. It came at 125g containers, rather than 100g. Strong scent, but it's great! It looks like it's the real deal to me...

    They are individually wrapped in tissue paper, then put into a box with styrofoam along the outside of the box. It took a while to get it, but I think it was worth it. Now...to figure out how to fill my vintage Old Spice talc container....
  10. Congratulations. I would drill a hole in the bottom of the vintage container and then cork it after you refill. I haven't had to do this yet with my vintage Yardley talc but I'm getting close.

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