Ok, what did I just win?

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  1. $.99 for a "Million Dollar Razor" ........not bad.
  2. Does this one use modern blades as is? Or woud I have to modify them? I should have been more specific with my question.
  3. It's at least part of a Valet Auto Strop. I don't know much about them, but Tom (HoosierTrooper) recommended this to another member:

    Go to www.stropper.com and search Valet, it has some pretty good info and pictures.

    Ooops, Tom posted while I was typing!
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  4. Thanks guys. How aggressive is it? Will it lean more to a Gem Jr or to a Star Lather Catcher?
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    your missing the propriety blades and strop...1928 Million dollar auto strop razor.

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    do this
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  7. That razor cannot use modified SE blades, only the original Valet blade, or the Feather "aftermarket" blade with the cut-out center will work, as Tom mentioned above.

    The Auto-Strop razor is a great SE shaver. Don't worry about trying to make an old strop work - modern blades work best without stropping!

    99 cents for a Million Dollar razor . . . seems like a good deal to me!
  8. So I guess I'll need to pick up some Feathers. Anyone know how it shaves compared to what I have?
  9. Not just regular Feathers. I don't know which ones, but there are certain ones. Someone here will let you know the correct ones.
  10. As Tom said:

    Razor Blades and More stock number is FSEB-05. I need to place an order myself . . . I've got two different AS that I need to try out . . .
  11. What do you have?:laugh: The OC VAS is a fairly aggressive razor. If you use the MMOC, 1912, or similar, it is much the same in feel and angle, though you should be a tad more careful with the MMOC comparison- just MHO. The only SE(s) I consider more aggressive would be one of the wedgies, using a modern SE blade, such as Heljstrand, Rapide, Wester, Star, Kampfe, Wilkinson, etc..

    Given that this is solid brass, Brasso is fine, and probably the fastest polish to get rid of the stain. Flitz or Maas will work, but may take a bit more elbow-grease.
  12. I have a couple of those. One fits the current production Feather blades; one does not. Yours looks like it will fit, because the tabs don't look like they'll get in the way.

    That VAS is the only SE I'll use anymore, partly because I think the blades available for it are so much better than standard SE blade options.
  13. I do have a post higher up that asks how it compares to the Gem Jr and Star Lather Catcher.:001_huh: Thanks for answering my question though. It leans towards the Lather Catcher in aggressiveness. :001_cool:
  14. Nice Haul!

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