Ok so I was wrong about DE - Glad to be back in the game

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  1. At the beginning of this month I posted that I couldn't match my M3 shaves with a DE so went back to using the M3 (sacrilege I know). But even though I was getting good shaves with the M3 the Merkur HD would always be there crying out for another go.

    At first I resisted, then I cleaned it up one day and put in a new feather (which I corked first). I left it for another couple of days and then buckled. And I’m so glad I did. I was back in the game and back to the good shaves that I got at the beginning.

    I don't know about some of you other new guys but whilst this is a great forum there is a hell of a lot of information here and often conflicting advice. Me, I think I lost sight of a simple shave trying to chase ‘perfection’ and ended up with irritation ridden shaves.

    So when I went back I decided that I would drop down to 2 passes again and lose the full ATG. That was about a week ago and I'm back on form and loving the DE again. I'm doing a N to S pass, followed by and ear to nose (with a slight hook) and I’m getting such good shaves, easily comparable to my M3 again. Irritation is minimal (if any) and TBH I've surprised myself how well it has gone again. I've also switched to an alcohol AS splash rather than balm which I’m loving and is leaving my face much better IMO.

    So basically although I did quit for a while, for me it was the best thing I did. It gave me time off from the DE and I went back more relaxed and doing what I knew I liked and not necessarily what I've read here. Someone a while ago made a post with a slogan "it’s your shave" (or something like that!) and how right they were.

    To any other new guys going through a bad spot I'm not saying you have to go back to an M3 but I do think that it may help if you just take a step back, do what you think is right for you, and maybe don't get so bogged down in what you think you have to do to achieve a good shave because someone else advocates it on here.

    On another note that feather I used was on its 7th shave this morning and it was still such a good shave. I'll run it again tomorrow with my fingers crossed!:001_smile
  2. welcome back !
  3. I hope that this time you can get better shaves, and the most important thing,enjoy them!
  4. Good advice and welcome back.

    Happy shaving!
  5. Great observations and advice. The theme YMMV applies very much here.
    Glad you decided to give it another try.:thumbup1:
  6. Glad to see you found your way back. Thanks for sharing your adventures for the new guys in question.
  7. The important thing is your back...for good I hope. Advice given is meant to be adapted to each individual. As one learns their beard, face type, proper prep, lather, etc., things begin to fall in place and it isn't long before you are just as comfortable using a DE as an M3 but with so much better results. It becomes a whole new shaving experience and lifestyle. The important thing is to not give up. The best things in life take patience and perseverence. Glad to hear you're back on the right track. Keep us posted.
  8. It's good you're back :D

    Pushing to go for that last bit of perfection may well have driven you crazy the first time. It almost drove me crazy until I finally learned that at least with a DE, ATG isn't something I can do every day without skin irritation. Like you I dropped it back a notch and it has been nothing but smooth sailing.

    I'm going to chime in and say take heed to what the OP says. Don't quit because you can't get absolute perfection, go for the best you can and you'll be far happier!
  9. I also learned the hard way that less can be more. In my opinion, a 2-pass shave with no irritation is always better than a really close but irritating shave. I had to do basically the same thing and dial it back a bit. What I ended up with is doing more passes on my cheeks because I can get a BBS shave without irritation there and the 2 pass thing on my neck. Besides, everyone (and by everyone I mean the girl that matters in your life...) feels your cheeks for closeness, not your neck! :wink:
  10. I know I catch myself getting lost in the "BBS" every now and again and it really helps having posts like this that keep my head in the game.
  11. mind your pressure
  12. Cool, glad you are giving it another go. It takes time. Lots of good stuff said.
  13. Welcome Back! Enjoy!
  14. Nothing wrong with saying " I was wrong" in fact most folks don't say it enough. For me part of the fun of wetshaving is experimenting at the same time that one's knowledge base about wetshaving is continually growing. So changing minds and opionions is allowable and maybe natural.
  15. Thanks for the welcome back guys. I shaved again today for the 7th day in a row, something which I don't think I’ve ever done in 15 or so years of shaving.

    Since going back the DE my shaves have been so much better this time around and now I feel like I "get it". I know I’m still a new guy really but at the moment good shaves are like shelling peas!!

    The only thing is I used the feather for its 8th shave this morning. It was still a goodun but now I'm starting to worry, as surely it will turn soon? But the inquisitive side if me keeps saying "just one more" so why not....
  16. Hehe, switch to a new one buddy, as to avoid the dreaded razor burn
  17. Sullybob

    Sullybob Contributor

    I was doing the same thing. Pushing to get BBS every time. When I stopped focusing on BBS and focused on good technique my shaves improved drastically.

    For some reason when I read that my internal voice sounded like the "Mind the gap" girls voice.
  18. Glad you decided to give it another try. It's amazing how your technique can change the quality of your shave!
  19. Excellent post, my man!

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