ok... its here... what does it say?

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  1. the jnat was picked up at the post office this AM.... it appears to be lapped as the top is really flat looking but i will lap it a bit just to make sure.... the stone is a "slatey grey" kinda light in color....... this thing has stamps on its stamps....

    anyone tell me what this stuff means??

  2. Looks good.

    You need to lap it and polish the top to almost mirror.

    I have no idea what any of the stamps mean, but it looks like a kid got hold on the stampers and went nuts.
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    The writing translates to "The possessor of this stone will be cursed for a thousand generations unless it is properly disposed. We recommend contacting Ouch International's Cursed Stone Disposal Department."
  4. I can't read Kanji, but my take on his stamps is;

    The number 5582 is, I think, his cataloging number. The stamp on top that is bordered, and seen again on the side is on most of his stones, it may be a stamp to indicate its from his 'shop' or something. The one where you can see his URL is, again - I'm guessing - his advertising stuff. The one on top, without a border, Is also on most of his offerings, regardless of what mine it's from so my guess is that it's another 'self promotion thing.

    Nice looking stone - did you get a Tomo with it?
  5. i was sent a tomo nagura by a wonderfully nice fellow member here...

    i need to lap/polish this stone out today... then we shall see how it performs....

  6. Exactly.

    I had thought of going this route as well. Pick up some rocks down at the sand pits that look interesting, slap a few dozen stamps on there and sell it for $300, since it would then look "official".
  7. PM sent.
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  8. I think what it's trying to tell you is that it is actually from China, and that the Japanese characters were added here more locally, so that the stone could be labelled, "Made in U.S.A."
  9. According to the wife:

    On the top, the stamp further from the number:
    "Sanjou(name of a location)meitei/meitou(qualified sharpening stone? She wasn't sure of the pronunciation, it was one of those two)"
    The stamp closer to the number:
    "Masamotoyama(manufacturer or person who mined the stone)Honkakuhin(stamp of authenticity, not a fake)"

    The stamps on the side are just 330mate's contact info. Congrats on the stone !
  10. No, no, no. I had those stamps made up last time I was in Japan. They say, "Please if you find this stone, return it to Slash McCoy, the rightful owner, or you will be subject to prosecution and considerable bad Karma", and also my local Nagoya address and cel number.
  11. Gray slatey color.....

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  12. I have from a very trustworthy source that the stamps mean:
    "mined in Fukushima, highry radioactive, vely dangerous. Will make straight lazor grow in dark."
    The other stamp says that it can be neutralised by sending postpaid to Belgium for coupling with a coti.
  13. Trying to get some Mojo
  14. A good rule with Japanese stones is the more stamps it has, the better it is. Just like cars, if they have lots of stickers on them, they are fast. :)
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    Bablefish returns:
  16. "This side up" and "Made in China" lol
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    "All sales final. No returns, no exchanges."

  18. Batteries not included
  19. This should teach you about asking a serious question.
  20. thank you and thank the missus...
    i lol'd like a loon at this one...
    you would think i would have learned by now... :letterk1:

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