OK Experts...what the heck is this thing?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by retturn2blades, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Here's an oddball item. I have no clue what it is or what it does.

    Anyone know about this one?

  2. Some sort of a back shaver? You know for hairy backs.
  3. Scrape inspection stickers off of car windshields!
  4. Ha! im watching that auction too... no idea what it is.
  5. It's a scraper of some sort. Not a shaveing razor.
  6. It's a Warner-Jones Safety Razor Blade Sharpener. The blade would go in the front, clip-looking end there and the round weight would ride along the table while you honed or stropped the blade. Here's an ad for one from 1919 that illustrates it's use:

  7. Cool! All kinds of knowledge on this board.
  8. I'm always impressed with the knowledge of our members. :thumbup1:
  9. You nailed it! Now I see the purpose of the arched/angle of the device. Thanks!
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    Minnesota based in St.paul, good call Porter as always......[​IMG]
  11. Porter strikes again! Nice job on that one Porter.
  12. Not worthy. Not worthy. (by which I mean I am not worthy.)
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  13. rt2b, if you were wanting a blade hone, that's a decent one. If you have a standard hard Ark, or extra-fine composite, you'll need to add a 3/8"-1/4" riser underneath, to get the angle (more than less) correct. You could also check with Larry, at whippeddog.com, and see about one of his $15 waterstone sections.

    Edit: you run the blade back and forth across the hone, with the heavy T-bar sliding on the table. Raising the blade from the hone, you rotate the knurled section, so that the opposite side of the blade is brought around, and repeat. Works like a manual version of the Kriss Kross stropper.
  14. I thought this was used to shave a Bulls Balls . I hear in Texas they Eat thost thing up Nice and Crunchy "Fried" LOL
  15. Thanks Rob72...your advice is especially appreciated as I am the happy owner of that sharpening tool along with an SE razor. EBay acquisition for $6.00 plus shipping.

  16. :001_smileI thought you might be watching that one- that's why I didn't bid. Heckuva deal, with a G-bar too!

    I'm in the process of taking apart a Strand sharpener, and trying to press it to hold Wilkinson Sword half-wedgies. If I can get the jaws to fit, and a 1200 grit diamond credit-card plate, I'll be a re-furbing monster.:ninja:
  17. ...and chicken scratchers, sheep nads(more a CO thing, tho'), squirrel, and turtle soup.:chef:
  18. MacDaddy for the win!
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    oh oh...this thread is going to take a turn for the worse:wacko:
  20. I love seeing these "nick knacks" and "chochkees" (yiddish word for little objects) that were around in the "haydays"

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