Ok Brits, Earl Grey... milk, lemon, or black?

Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by aceinyerface, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. I know everyone can do what they wish, that is not what I am asking. How does a proper Brit take Earl Grey tea?

    Or do they not and prefer something else?
  2. jwhite

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    Well I'm American, but if you must put something in your Earl Grey it would be lemon. But I think good EG, increasingly harder to find, doesn't require it.

    edit: Sorry that came off pretentious and condescending, didn't mean it that way. Lemon in small quantities will complement true bergamot and mask the artifice of the fake stuff. But I feel it detracts from the aroma of a quality EO.
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  3. I'm English, but I don't really like Earl Grey. My wife (who is Indonesian, and therefore not to be taken as an authority) has it with milk, no sugar. We usually buy Twinings, which she finds the best readily available here.
  4. So, do you get English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, something else? Served how?
  5. I didn't see anything of the sort.
  6. I'm English. Earl Grey is my favourite tea for relaxing with i.e. sitting doing nothing but drinking tea. Milk, no sugar. :001_tt2:

    My other traditional tea is delivered to the door by Ringtons :001_smile
  7. Earl Grey is Lemon for me but the bad stuff just tastes like your licking a grannies perfume bottle...and no amount of inclusion will make it taste any different!

    If your asking what us brits drink on a regular basis then its breakfast tea...and that can be taken however you choose...milk, sugar, honey, lemon...

    Cant go too far wrong with Twinnings but all depends why your asking? Can get pretty good mixed boxes of assam, lady gray, earl gray, breakfast etc from twinnings to cover most bases
  8. OK, I tried some Taylors with lemon. It was good.

    I don't like putting milk or sugar in my coffee/tea. I usually like it black and bitter ( the joke is "like I like my women") but that is WAY not PC. (Won't blame the mod for editing that one)
  9. English Breakfast, usually Twinings, but the supermarket stocking policies here are somewhat haphazard so occasionally they won't have any stock of a given item. I have bought Dilmah EBT, which is OK, or Liptons, which is not.
  10. Studied at Cambridge a semester. Doesn't make me British, but I should get some honorary UK title for my extended stay. Welsh, maybe?

    In all seriousness though, love tea. Didn't before I went, but I was converted. I drink all tea black. Nothing like black English breakfast and black Earl grey. Two of my favorite non-alcoholic beverages.
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  12. A touch of lemon or black for this american. I don't want sugar and milk is nasty in tea. If you like it more power to ya and ya don't have to worry about me taking it
  13. I take my tea with milk and sugar. But I like Stokes air game too.
  14. Watch it lovely boy! You can be English if you want but not everyone is lucky enough to be born Welsh!:001_tt2:

    Personally I think Earl Grey is foul, no matter what you put in it. If I have tea, it's usually Glengettie, a good, strong Welsh tea.

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  15. That is English-ish, close enough, I'll grant you dual citizenship.
  16. Milk and sugar for me please. I never have tea without but I'm not fancy pants about teas and only have EG or 'builder's'.

  17. Can't get over the bergamot, so I stick with unflavored black tea. My favorites are JAS-eTea's Yunnan Fengqing or Black Gold.
  18. I don't mind Earl grey ,just black of course . I'm not a fan of milk or sugar in any tea .
  19. jwhite

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    Understandable, I'm as particular about the bergamot in my EG as I am about the application of smoke to my lapsong.
  20. I drink tea black, no extras.
    Earl Grey tastes foul to me too (I tried hard to like it, after all my name is Gray!) Give me some Darjeeling instead.
    I've also found lemon in tea to be rather silly. Doesn't enhance the taste to me, and can quite easily make it vile.

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