Ogallala Sage and Cedar AS

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by k200817, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Has anyone tried the new Ogallala Sage and Cedar AS and what do you think of it. I like their Limes and Peppercorns but was wondering how the sage and ceders are.
  2. Second time I've seen it mentioned but can't find it at any of my usual vendors sites.

    Please post a link - I need this now :w00t:
  3. The Ogallala site doesn't list a bay rum/cedar & sage cologne or aftershave, but it does have that scent in their shaving soaps (& room deodorizer).
  4. I got a sample of it from Bullgoose. I think it's too sweet and artificial-smelling, but YMMV.
  5. I got a sample of the air freshener spray with my order of original bay rum, and it smells great. I didn't know he was making the A/S version now. Knowing my luck, the EOs will be too harsh for my face.
  6. Ogallala Bay Rum Sage & Cedar has been available in the shaving soap for quite some time.

    Does anyone have a link to a vendor who is selling the bay rum sage & cedar aftershave?

    The aftershave in this scent would be a brand new product and I, like the OP, would be very interested in trying it out.
  7. I went ahead and ordered from bullgoose. Should be here tomorrow. I suspect it will be a pleasant scent. :thumbup:
  8. Just came from bullgoose today. My wife though packed it up until my birthday this coming weekend.
  9. I'm a tad on the fence with this one. I LOOOVE the scent on the soap, but the A/S is different. There's a much sweeter top note, and the sage doesn't really show up until about an hour after applying. If the sweetness was toned down and the sage made stronger, I think I would like it better.

    On the other hand, the Lime and Peppercorns has gone right into my top 5 favorite scents.
  10. +1 for the Lime and Peppercorns.

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