NZ Army Shooting Game

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  1. Holy crap, this is harder than real firing! The two target levels were really hard!
  2. That's annoying.

    Just breathing doesn't affect sight picture THAT much.
  3. That was fun.

    Love the sound effect of popping off a round.
  4. Yeah the highest I have made is level 12 which is the 2 targets, 7 seconds at 250 yards. Still haven't beat it.

    As to the breating its annoying but you can beat it if you line it up while he is breathing and wait for it to drop back down to center. Not completely unrealistic as I tend to shoot open sight that way drawing down on the exhale, hold and squeeze, but thats how I was taught.

    Have fun!

  5. It's pretty unrealistic nonetheless, but pretty fun. Too bad the scope range sights don't really work. You always have to aim with the centre crosshair, even at 600 yards.
  6. Got to level 14, 2 targets at 350 meters in 7 seconds. I have the score but I am only getting off 3 shots, and it needs to get 4 off, If I time it to get 4 off I don't quite have the score. Meh it was fun but not at all realistic.

    Score: 924.72 - Level 14 - All badges but "Perfection" and "Team Player".
  7. Ahhh, I can't get past lvl 14. If only I could hold my breath longer than 7 seconds, :)
  8. number 31 on the leader board baby! Total score: 1011.74

    Gotta say the quality and dpi of your mouse will make a big difference. I noticed especially at the 600 meter range that once I started shooting what I thought was center, I kept hitting the same spot. Just had to play it till I got to a spot that was hight enough and be patient.
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  9. Incredibly frustrating with a touchpad!
    quite addicting
  10. yea I wouldn't try it with a touch pad. They redo the scores daily too. Currently I'm #16 with a score of 1085, really tough game though.

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