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  1. Hey guys....I haven't used a shave gel in a long time, but I was wondering if anyone has seen in their local CVS lately a new brand (at least new to me) called NXT light shave gel? Every once in a while I will browse the shave section to see if the powers that be have made any wise and interesting choices. This product caught my eye b/c in my peripheral vision, I thought I saw a bright blue light, but when I looked over, ther was nothing. I'm staring at this NXT product and all of a sudden a light eluminates from the bottom of the container, lighting up the container full of blue gel. I was not about to try it b/c I figured it was nothing more than "goo", but was interested if anyone else has come across this anywhere - and if so, if you have tried it?
  2. There's nothing like flashy lights(well maybe except breasts,) to draw ones attention. I think most of us here are a bit too skeptical to try it out, but if you do take the plunge, we would welcome a review.
  3. Yeah........I don't think so. :smile:

    Maybe someone braver than I is out there willing to try.

    I know there are one or two out there that think that canned goo isn't all that bad...maybe one of them will try it and review.

    The way I look at it, is that if they need the flashy lights to sell it, the product itself must not be all that good. Case in point: the packaging of Williams' Mug soap and Proraso....'nuff said.
  4. Damn that sounds just like my wife describing me looking at things :)
  5. You and I both know that any product that markets itself in the manner that NXT does ( AXE products or anything with Extreme in the title) is for teenage boys.
  6. The only gel worth getting at cvs is the king of shaves sensitive, to be used out of absolute need only though.
  7. Ok so I bought and tried some of this. It is indeed aimed for 18-24 year olds, I bought it anyway. I'll say right off I like it so far. I only used it once but that was the closest shave I've gotten in a long long time, and my blade cartridge really needs to be changed. Most of the members here probably will not like it as it does not foam. I mean as i ZERO lather. I havn't used mug soap or tube cream and a brush in years so I don't have a brush, but no amount of working in my palms could coax any lather out of it at all. That said it does coat well and protects really well. Years ago I used to use either Colgate or Polmolive cream from a tube. They gave an excellent close shave, but I didn't care for the feel left afterward from the peanut oil that is in it. This stuff to me works as well but doesn't leave a greasy feeling afterward. The smell is just a light smell of mint. Very simple and cooling. Now, at $5 a pop I'm not so sure how often I'll continue to buy it. If it grows and I start to like it, it may become like my latest deoderant and I'll quit switching around. I found one gel type cream at Wal-Mart that is really a women's product, but it protects much better than any other gel I've used. It was also way less expensive than the "leading" brand. But I have to say I was impressed with this stuf enough that I will likely buy at least one more bottle and I will probably try the other products 1-4 at least once.
  8. I happened to see this product on a blog today, and then coincidentally, and without the intent to find it, saw it on the shelf at the pharmacy on my block, a Duane Reade in Jersey City.

    Am I in the 18-24 range? Far from it. But, am I easily duped by light up packaging? Sure. Why not. But, actually, I have wanted a shaving gel (like King of Shave) for a while to use for a 4th or 5th pass, but haven't gotten around to buying one. So, I went for it.

    It works quite well for the final passes. In fact, I have gotten a closer shave than I am normally able to get using creams and soaps. I will definitely be using it for touch ups when I want to be baby smooth.

    Will it ever replace my Trumpers, Taylors, Truefitt, Tabac, D.H. Harris, and 20 other creams and soaps? Heck, no. After all, my Plisson, Kent and Savile Rows would get very lonely. :)
  9. ooh shiny things... ooh jiggly things...
  10. Yes I've found the same thing and have looked for a good gel and have never really found one. I've never heard of "King of Shaves" I thought the last persons reference was to like Edge without mentioning the name :p . I'll have to look for that at CVS.
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    I bought the NXT facial wash at CVS on Saturday as an impulse buy. The scent is pretty nice and the product lathered and rinsed cleanly.
  12. Drag this thread from the grave...
    I bought some NXT aftershave gel from "Big Lots"(it was only a dollar), but I didn't notice the light until I got home and was showing it to my wife. I asked her if she saw it, or was it just me?? She saw it also. :)
    I haven't shaved since I bought it, but I'll pop back in with a review.

  13. Well I feel certain this product is no more, which is why you got it for $1 at Big Lots and why I got the last 4 bottles off the shelf at CVS the last time for $1. Once that's gone I be buying more KoS.
  14. True.
    I used it sunday on my "going to church" shave, and I like it. The mint isn't over powering, just a touch. It absorbed well, didn't leave my face feeling greasy.
    For a $1.00 it is a great deal. I'd buy some more if I can find it. Maybe I need to check CVS. If anything it gives me a cool LED night light. :)

  15. when did u find this at big lots? wow i been using this stuff for awhile and stocked up and now i am gone, i cant find it anywhere, i am gonna to biglots
  16. I got some about six weeks ago at Big Lots for $1/container. Some Big Lots by me still have it. It is a multi-part system (pre-shave, post-shave, etc). All were $1, and I only bought the gel. Interestingly, each Big Lots that had it had different products (i.e. some had the pre and post but no gel, others had the gel and the post).....

    It is a decent brushless- made in China, but supposedly very natural (no parabens etc, I think).....Worth it for a dollar, if you like brushless gels. I was a dedicated brushless shaver, but am now messing with creams and my synthetic Gillette Brush Plus handle...lol.....
  17. damm i went there no luck wtf, its my fav
  18. Then use King Of Shaves from CVS, it's only $1 different from the original price of NXT.
  19. maybe ill try it then, damm i didnt even know they canceled these products, i stocked up for awhile when they were on sale ran out, i tryed cvs 2day nothing and i tryed big lots, i might try another place like big lots, so does anyone know where else to look?
  20. LOL get over it, it's gone. Their website forwards to Titelist golf balls now.

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