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  1. I have a question for all you lifters out there. Every magazine or book i read or advice i get from people talk about lowering your carb intake at night and not staying up half the night because late night snacking is disasterous to your diet. BUT... What if you have a job like me were you work from midnight to 0600? I hold two watches (both are 0001 to 0600 and 1200 to 1800) how would you handle the midnight watch? Would you limit your carbs through the night or just act as if it was the begining of your day (eat breakfast and so on) is your body so hardwired that you can't train it to belive working through the night is as normal as waking at 0700 and going through your daily routine. How would you guys go about it?
  2. Bill, I'm no expert, but the "no carbs after xyz PM" sounds like hokey to me, whatever timeframe you work to. Only applies to Gremlins.

    I can't imagine that your body suddenly becomes incapable of digesting carbs after a particular timepoint (or does so in a different way).

    That aside, it would also depend on the quality (or type) of carbs you're talking about. I've gone on a zero/reduced carb diet for the last 6 months to lose 44 pounds, and I've been piling on the lean proteins without side effect (blood work has been supportive).

    So if it was me, I'd just be reducing my carbs generally, especially sugar (evil shite that it is) and be aware of all the places it's hidden.
  3. Dredd is right, it's not that carbs at night are bad, it's that carbs right before sleeping are bad, whenever that sleep happens to be.
  4. Sorry that's false as well. Both those falsehoods came about to scare people into stopping snacking on crap more then anything else.

    Eat when you can and don't worry about what time it is, just don't eat crap.
  5. In my personal experience and from what I've read by fitness people that's an old wives tale.

    Just stick to your calorie count and eat whenever.
  6. Especially when you're trying to build muscle and gain weight, it's way more straightforward than most of the propaganda would have you think... The tried and truisms for gains;

    - when you eat, eat enough calories and protein, preferably from healthy, whole food sources
    - when you lift, lift to failure
    - get LOTS of rest

    I believe if people give each of those 3 things 100% effort, they will see the gains they want. If you're not seeing gains, look at the three above and see where you're coming up short. If you're an elite level athlete you'd need more tinkering, but most of the propaganda is just white noise, stuff we're told we need so we buy stuff, and stuff we distract ourselves with to compensate for not giving 100% on the three items above... Just my opinion though!

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    Whatever you do, don't get Bill wet, and don't feed him after midnight.
  8. Thanks everybody for all your help me and my fellow Mogwai appreciate it :lol::lol:
    That's the problem with all these flavor of the month fitness mags. Seems like they have more bad advice than good. Thank God i have my fellow B&Bers to help me out!
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    You're in the same boat my wife is, she works 1900-0500 and her days and meals are so screwed up. What I've been told is to just treat your day as you wake up and go to bed. Cutting out carbs is going to depend on what carbs you are consuming. Good carbs, eat away. Bad carbs stay away.

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