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    Tried the NUKA cream today,menthol version,from bulgaria...could not detect the scent of menthol nor could I feel any cooling lathered up very nicely,seems a bit thinner than the ""herbs of bulgaria" creams,but this is my first try,so next time I will try a little less water....the scent is typical arko perfume type,not obnoxious,but nothing spectacular either...the glide was good,the lather lasted and had plenty of life left in it at the end of the shave..I am guessing the mystic and nuka creams are an economy choice in bulgaria,while the herbs of bulgaria creams are more high end...a good utilitarian shaving cream nonetheless.

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  2. Great! another shave cream to try...
  3. I got to try the Nuka Menthol Cream from Bulgaria today.

    This is the house brand for Bio-Fresh, makers of Rose of Bulgaria products. The Nuka instantly produced volumes of smooth, cushioning lather with a nice fresh scent. Like malocchio, I could not detect the menthol though. I had an excellent shave. It is hard to beat for $2.99!

  4. I agree, At $2.99 great cream for the money, The Herb and Rose of Bulgaria are also very good, a bit more expensive due to the scent costs I think I paid $4.99 and $5.99 for those

    I bought the regular Nuka, (pronounced "Pika") as opposed to the menthol because I also heard that you really can't detect any menthol
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    After many uses,I can say my initial lather had too much water in the brush.You need a slightly damp brush for the Nuka,you can always add extra drops of water if needed.Very rich thick lather,great shaves.
  6. Most Bulgarian "menthol" creams which I've used have very little or no cooling effect. The only ones which are really cooling are Top Ten Sensitive, Aspis Ice Rain, and SuperMax Menthol. The Nuka cream is an excellent buy for that price, however.
  7. Actually "NUKA" is a word in Bulgarian alphabet and means "black spade" from playing cards' deck, as the picture on the tube shows.

    Same applies to "KAPO" shaving cream - diamond.

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  8. Because I'm fluent in Russian and I can read and write it I can also read Bulgarian because it uses the Cyrillic alphabet. My spoken command of Bulgarian is fair, but not fluent.

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