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  1. For the past couple months since both my watches died I've been looking at several watches and since I live in a fairly remote part of Northern Canada there is no mall to go and see them in person and watches look totally different in real life compared to in photos. Since I couldn't make up my mind I bought several to try and will keep the ones I like and return/resell or give as Xmas presents the ones that don't fit me well or that I don't really like.

    Today I received the Orient ''Blue mako"' I had ordered it because I read many glowing reviews on the watch forums and I liked the look of it. Well, when I opened the box it was a nice surprise to see it was WAYYY BETTER than I had even imagined. The blue dial looks awesome and the overall fit and finish is amazing for a $100 watch.

    My previous watch for work was a Kenneth Cole quartz movement chronograph with stainless steel bracelet. That watch only lasted 3 years before it just stopped working and when I took it to get repaired they said it would cost more to fix than the watch is worth (~$100). But compared to the KC the Mako is leaps and bounds ahead in terms of quality, fit and finish. I'm not a watch expert but that is just my impression.

    I also bought a Jorg Gray 6500 - the Barack Obama watch but sent it back immediately. I didn't like the convex crystal and it has a blue tint as well, So unless you are looking directly at the watch face it looks like a blue bubble. I have thin wrists so it looks like I'm wearing a magnifying glass or something on my wrist and it just looks really bad.

    At the same time as I received the Jorg Gray I got a really good deal on a Citizen Eco Drive AT0550-11X because it was a store return. I paid $112 for it and $250 for the Jorg Gray but the Citizen is a much much nicer watch overall.

    Anyway, I expect more watches to arrive this week so will update this thread on my latest acquisitions.
  2. Oops I meant to say AT0550-03E the other Citizen model is the one with brown dial and brown strap. I have the one with a black leather strap and black dial and yellow seconds hand.
    Its much nicer than the JG 6500.
  3. yep, nice watch and great for the price!
  4. The Blue Mako looks great. Who did you order the Mako from? Last time I checked, Orient USA didn't ship to Canada.
  5. I was in email contact with joey at orient about this, and they has a system worked out to ship them to canada using a third party shipping company.
  6. I ordered it from discountwatchstore
    Shipping was only $12 to Canada and only took just over a week to get here. Usually it takes 2 to 3 weeks to get things from USA.
    I was a bit surprised because I ordered several watches before this one and they still haven't arrived yet.
  7. If you're looking for an automatic, there's really no need to look anywhere other than the Orient catalogue. They're just bloody good watches
  8. A Couple of Citizen eco-drives.

    The Military Chrono is going to get a new maratac zulu strap. I don't like the stock strap on this one.
  9. Marina Militare 40mm GMT on my 6.5" wrist.
    Close to being too big.
  10. Not November anymore but they just arrived...
    Invicta 9937C on Bond Nato strap.

    Robert Poseidon GMT.

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