Note to self: shaving time is not Miranda Kerr time.

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  1. I placed a fresh Astra SP in my SS today, half way through my first pass my hand-eye coordination fell to sub zero, and I managed a small cut (~3mm) on my lip. It bled like I had been in a bar fight.

    I reckon I had three options.

    1. Stop shaving, wash up, look for some superglue and fix the problem. Then not shave for a month while I got over it.

    2. Run around the house looking for the camera - the amount of blood was unreal.

    3. Keep shaving. Throw some cold water on it to stem the bleeding, and re lather for pass two, then three.

    So I chose option 3, the blood flow slowed and I got a really nice shave, with zero nicks (apart from the aforementioned manifestation of my numpty skills).

    Just a reminder for me to take it slow and concentrate on shaving. (I may or may not have been thinking about Miranda Kerr at the time :biggrin:).

    Thought I'd share - I dont mind making a bit of a fool of myself so the other Noobs dont have too! :wink:
  2. I hear you. I got complacent and took a big divot out of my cheek a number of days ago. The worst I've ever cut myself in 35 years of shaving.
  3. I now have a scar on my right cheek bone die to carelessness. Most of my cuts using a DE have been my error. Proper techinque and concentration will help you no end.
  4. It happens. I didn't get my first nick until I was 6 months in and when it happened I knew it was because I had gotten a bit too complacent.
  5. Yep, I get the odd bite that kind of wakes me up, especially since I got my slant!
  6. mdunn

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    google image search reveals that any time is Miranda Kerr time.
  7. I wondered how long this was going to take. :lol:
  8. mdunn

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    when it comes to miranda, I like to take my time :cool:
  9. She is a pretty girl. Thats all I'll say.
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  10. I feel old...I have no idea who Miranda Kerr is ?! :(
  11. Niles

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    I didn't have to google for that. I already knew it. She's beautiful.
  12. odd...I don't think I cut myself, but there seems to be some swelling...
  13. Boo!
  14. She's a nice lookin' kid. Wonder what she wants to be when she grows up?

    Did you hear about the wet shaver who got fired from his job at the orange juice factory?

    Couldn't concentrate.
  15. Groan....


  16. +1 :biggrin:
  17. It the computer world we call this: User Error
  18. +1 And thank you/damn you all for introducing me to Miranda Kerr. :w00t:

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