NOS Hess Hair Milk Linen replacement strops

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  1. This sale will only interest straight razor collectors/shavers.

    I have five NOS (New Old Stock) Hess Hair Milk Labs seamless linen hose "canvas" strops that are stamped "Silk Finish" that I am selling. I have aptly titled these "replacement" strops since these strops DO NOT come with any hanging/mounting hardware. They are perfect for replacing old dirty canvas strops that you already own and that utilize the single screw through the grommet on these strops.

    These strops measure 2 5/8" wide x 24" long

    Hess Hair Milk, the one time retailer of the highly prized Hess razors (I have a Hess 44 in my permanent collection and it's one of my favorites) is still in business; however, they sold off their Hess razor stock in entirety some years ago. These strops were found at Hess in a box where they had been stored for decades. They had been wrapped individually in a plastic or celluloid wrapper which was open at both ends. As such, the very ends of these strops exhibit a slight lighter tint or fading. The overall color of these strops are gray. The fading is a salmon color. The fading is aesthetic in nature in does NOT affect performance of these strops in any way.

    The "Silk Finish" is not a waxed chalk finish. Instead, it's in my opinion, similar to a satin finish paint. The finish on both sides is perfectly intact and not prone to chipping, peeling, etc. The strops are flexible but improve with use.


    COST: $20 which includes shipping as first class package in the U.S. $23 all inclusive to Canada. All other countries, cost depends on shipping costs to your country. These strops will be sent in 4"x4"x9" boxes and I can NOT ship these in flat rate priority boxes or envelopes since I do not want to run the risk of creasing the strops.

    Hess will never have strops like this for sale again. This is definitely one of those "once they're gone, they're gone" kind of things.

    Please PM me for my paypal email.

    Thank you.

    Chris L

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  2. PM sent.
  3. joshmpdx

    joshmpdx Moderator Emeritus

    Great offering, thank you!

    PM Sent!
  4. PM'ed.

  5. I'll take one with the .5 micron paste.
  6. With the diamond spray, thanks.
  7. I bought mine from Chris a few days ago, on another forum. The packaging was nicely done, and the shipping and delivery were lightning fast. Thanks Chris.
  8. PM sent, thanks

    Baby Face
  9. +1 got mine from SRP last week.

    Well worth the price for this fine strop.
  10. Chris,

    PM and paypal sent, thanks

    Baby Face
  11. PM sent
  12. The Knize

    The Knize Moderator Emeritus

    +1 Me, too. This si a beautiful and unusual piece. A pleasure to own.

    Great service from Chris.
  13. i bought one of these and they are fantastic
  14. Thanks guys. A truly rare find to be sure. I'll have to look around at home tonight. I believe they are all gone. HOWEVER.....I may have one or two at the most, left. I will check that tonight and I'll either let everyone know if there are any more or, I'll indicate that they're gone in this thread and that they're no longer available.

    Thanks again guys, and thanks B&B.

    Chris L
  15. Holy cow! I just ordered this thing and it's at my doorstep this afternoon! Thanks Chris, this is truly an exceptional piece. The fading is exaggerated slightly, mine looks great.

  16. Thanks. I agree they're fine pieces. I thought it better if anything else to overstate any cosmetic fading issues or certainly call attention to them rather than the opposite.

    FINAL NOTE.........

    I have three of these NOS strops left after thoroughly looking through my messy hobby space that I will sell off at the same cost, $20 all inclusive in the U.S. Anyone who is still interested, please post your interest under this post. I'm certain at this point that I only have the three left.'s a first come first served basis as registered by your interest in this thread. The remaining three are unused and all exhibit some cosmetic only fading at the ends.

    Thanks all. And, the offer to spray the strop purchased with .5 micron diamond spray on the backside for no additional cost still stands.

    Chris L
  17. The Knize

    The Knize Moderator Emeritus

    I'm impressed! Three more NOS very unusual and very nice pieces just laying around the place! What else do you have just laying around? <g>

    By the way, I think this strap/strop is worth it for the name alone--"Hess Hair Milk Lab." They just do not name companies like that anymore!
  18. I'm actually a bit embarrassed to say that the times I do get around to cleaning my "hobby corner" I'm surprised at the stuff that I forgot I had!

    Chris L
  19. joshmpdx

    joshmpdx Moderator Emeritus

    Thanks Chris, mine arrived and i gave it a whirl this morning.

    What do you fella's who have used it think?

    I loved the draw! it was outstanding, and got me thinking about this particular model's name the "Silk Finish". Any ideas on why they would choose those words for a strop i assume would be used before the finishing leather side?
  20. Hopefully other members of the "Hess Strop Club" will weigh in as you've said. Definitely before the leather strop. The feedback and sound with the "silk finish" does give the sensation that the razor is zip zip zipping across the strop.

    Chris L

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