NOS Enders Razor, vintage Leather travel case with travel tech

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  1. Hello,

    Trying to sell the following:

    NOS Enders razor in box with pack of 5 blades. Box is in decent shape, but does not look as new as the razor or blades. Razor and blades look perfect. Also have original instructions. $20, shipped, CONUS Priced reduced to $15 shipped, CONUS.

    Vintage leather travel kit, with excellent condition Gillette travel tech (L-2 date code). If it's been used, it hasn't been used much. There does look to be a space for something that is missing-not sure what would have gone there. Case is in decent condition, but not as good as each of the implements, which are all excellent. $20 shipped, CONUS. Price reduced to $15 shipped, CONUS

    Any questions, please ask.


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  2. A pack of blades might be what's missing

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