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  1. As a way of saying thanks to the forum for all of the information provided while lurking and now registered I wanted to send 3 NOS packs of blades.

    I have only been shaving with a DE for 3 days now but have gathered a small stockpile of blades (and am looking for a few more types to stockpile):

    10 Wilkinson Sword (Wal-Mart)
    (NOS) 34 packs Personna 74*
    (NOS) 20 Schick Super Chromium
    (NOS) 8 packs Schick Plus Platinum
    1 Pack Feather Hi Stainless (Black Box)
    (NOS) 71 Packs Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel
    (NOS) 4 Packs Wilkinson Sword
    (NOS) 1 Pack Sword Master Wilkinson Sword
    (NOS) 1 Pack Chromium Edge Wilkinson Sword
    200 Derby Extra
    100 Shark Super Stainless
    498 Astra Superior Premium Platinum

    I will be giving away 1 Pack of the NOS Personna 74, NOS Wilkinson Sword, and NOS Schick Plus Platinum

    The requirements are that you

    1) Be a contributor to Badger and Blade
    2) Live in the US
    3) Post a review of the blades when finished with them

    I will pick a winner based upon comments received until May 12 @ 0000 EST Only the first comment posted will be counted. Being that they are NOS, please examine them carefully as I have not looked in the packs (they are not in packaging) but in the hard packs.
  2. HLS


    What do you mean by contributor?
  3. How did you acquire that many blades after only shaving with a DE for 3 days?
  4. bakerbarber

    bakerbarber Contributor

    I'd try them, but I don't understand the PIF.

    Who cares how he got them?

    A contributor made a donation and has a little badge on their ID like my bronze one.

    I never tried the Personna 74 or vintage Wilkinson's but I love the Schick Plus Platinum's!

    Very generous, if a little confusing, PIF!!
  5. Sorry for the confusion (probably should have listed the blades acquired in a separate thread). Basically, I want the winner to have supported the site (through the contributor badge, live in the US so the shipping is cheap for me, and post how they like the blades so others can gain from their use). All of the old blades were given to me, the newer ones were purchased.
  6. I meet your requirements and I am IN!!! I haven't tried any of those blades yet. Great PIF, Thanks!
  7. Whoever gave you 34 packs of Personna 74's gave you a gold mine! They are amazing blades. I have only ever had one of them but it lasted me for more than a month of daily shaving.

    I am not participating in the PIF but I just wanted to say kudo's for offering a nice blade PIF! :thumbup:
  8. I would love to try them. I'm in. Especially the Shicks and 74s.
  9. I'm in! I'd love to try the Personnas.
  10. I'm in, I really enjoy trying NOS blades. THANK YOU! :thumbup:
  11. Those Personna 74 are a goldmine if you sell them, they go for ~2$ a piece on here and ~3$ a blade on ebay
    Best of luck to everyone who enters and very generous PIF. I'd be a contributor just to enter but
    Alas living north of the border doesn't help me in this case haha
  12. With the 74s you have for about hummm 25 years of blades, since each last a month.
  13. Awesome pif! Count me in!
  14. The funny thing about all of the NOS blades I have is that they were purchased for .25c for the entire bag(and whats been used over the last 30 years). There was some sort of warehouse deal where you could fill your bag for a quarter with anything you wanted.
  15. Now you know how much those personna 74 are, I am sure you could resell em on ebay for quite a profit or share them around or keep em since you should get about 20 days or so per blade compare to the ASTRA SP which are good for only 3-4
  16. Numbers:

    1 bakerbarber
    2 bengal tiger
    3 IronHammer
    4 RailroadMan
    5 Haggies
    6 cxg231
    7 Maxzoran

    And the number selected by is: 6

    congrats cxg231!
  17. :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

    Thanks so much for the very generous PIF! I can't wait to try & review the blades! Thank you!!!
  18. Congratulations! And thanks for the PIF.
  19. Congrats to cx.
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