North Alabama / Southern Tennessee Get-together TIME & PLACE

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Best Date/Time for the 1st NA/ST G2G

  1. March 10 @ 13:00

  2. March 17 @ 13:00

  3. Other (please reply)

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  1. Ok, looks like March 10 or 17 is probably the best date. Since Huntsville is pretty central for most of us, we just need to decide a final time, etc. I would suggest the place be the Starbucks @ Bridge Street. It's in the Barnes and Noble and just around the corner from Sephora (so we can raid the men's fragrance area), Jos. A Bank, etc., as well as right in the middle of some great food joints.

    Please select your preference(s). If you have a suggested change to the dates or location, please reply in-thread so we can all see. Who knows, your suggestion may be an even better fit!
  2. Awesome news guys. Captain Pre-Capsize has generously offered a bottle of his Captain's Choice Bay Rum to be raffled at our G2G! He has further offered some samples for those attending. $1329081945599750394049.jpg

    I am planning to look through my restore blades to bring one for raffle as well.

    Since time will play a part please take a moment to reply to this thread with a yes if you plan to attend (include specific date if necessary ) or you can PM me.
  3. I am planning to attend. Am I to assume Starbucks ala Barnes & Noble?
  4. Great! Yes B&N is probably the best spot.
  5. Sounds good I plan to be there
  6. I can make either of these dates but voted the 17th.
  7. Looks like March 17th @ 1:00 PM, folks.

    We'll plan to meet at the Starbucks inside Barnes & Noble at Bridge Street.

    For those not familiar with the area:
    Driving Directions from Birmingham / South of Huntsville
    Driving Directions from Nashville / North of Huntsville
    Driving Directions from Chattanooga / East of Huntsville
    Driving Directions from Florence / West of Huntsville

    Just so I can try and plan accordingly, please reply or send me a PM if you plan to attend based on the finalized time.

  8. I'll be there. I have an R41 and perhaps some other items for trade.

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