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Discussion in 'Shave Clinic & Newbie Check-In' started by WetShaveSA, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. Just a quick HI to everyone, I have been lurking in the shadows for a month or so and finally decided to jump in.

    Note: Shadows do NOT hide you from RAD....
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    Hello, and welcome to B&B. Now that you have "de-lurked," don't be shy. :001_smile
  3. Hello and welcome to B&B!
  4. Welcome to the group !! Glad you came out of the shadows !!
  5. Welcome! I registered, hung around for a good while then jumped in. And now I have over 400 posts in here!

    Mix it up with the group!
  6. Welcome to B&B!
  7. Thank you for the warm welcomes, Wet shaving here in South Africa is not too easy, only a few very low end products available ( in the DE range) plenty of the Cartridge hacking stuff though.

    Finding the forum is as a result of the VERY high prices of cartridges here, and a google search to shave more economically, and it must be said, I was beginning to shave every 3rd day beacuse it was just too uncomfortable to endure daily with either Mach3 or fusion power, depite wet shaving with cartridges since I started shaving 30 years ago.

    Was donated a '66 Gillette Slim adjustable by my father in law, about 5 weeks ago, bought the only blades I could find ( BIC Chrome) some inexpensive "Palmshave" cream, and a Culmak boar brush( also donated by father in law).

    From the first shave, I wished that I had started before the media hype had all but ended DE shaving here, NO PAIN!! have not had such a pleasureable shave ever.

    Today I decided to order some more equipment, but online as there is only one outlet I could find in SA, and unfortunately the prices are more than double the US and UK online shops.

    Imagine my dissapointment when shop after shop did not have SA on ther list of places to ship to... ended up with a choice of two UK companies, so in a few weeks, my EJ DE89L and Feathers should arrice... can hardly wait.

    Was starting to think that there is a gap in the market for DE shaving shop here.. Any ideas?
  8. Welcome to B&B.
    Check your local pharmacies and any others you may pass to see if you can find Williams shave sticks. I believe they're now discontinued but South Africa appears to be the last source of this fantastic product. If you find any, buy all you can.

  9. Thank you Greybeard, I have seen a few of these, but never knew of they were any good, will pick up a few tomorrow.
  10. Welcome to the family :thumbup1:
  11. Glad you finally have joined us.

  12. Welcome to B&B!
  13. Welcome to Badger & Blade!
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    Welcome to B&B!

    RAD? Do you have any pictures? :biggrin:
  15. Welcome to B&B !!
  16. Welcome aboard... You'll be pleasantly surprised with the EJ/Feather combo!
  17. Here's a hi right back at ya. Welcome to the B. :thumbup1:
  18. Welcome to B&B!
  19. Luc, some pics, but quality leaves a lot to be desired, these were acquired in the first week, since then, many trips, hundreds of kilometers to antique shops, but no luck, really hoping the 89L lives up to its reputation as the RAD killer so I can stop this urge to search.

    The blades are what I can easily find here in SA, have not tried the all yet, but these particular Zorricks are bad for me, didn't last 1 shave before tugging and pulling, BIC seems best so far, but have yet to try SuperMax.

    Razors, well the Slim Adjustable was easy, Made in USA, L 2 so no problem there, the 2 piece has absolutely no markings at all, alumimium handle, steel head, stamped out of sheet, not crafted, have no idea what it is, and the travel with its neat ltiile silver case, only has the word "FOREIGN" stamped on the head, brass handle pieces.

    Fortunately Wifey put a stop to my buying by offering to buy me the EJ for Christmas (early present) so for now, no plans to continue collecting.
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    Welcome to B&B! :001_smile

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