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  1. Just introducing mysel... I've been safety shaving for a year or so, using a Merkur 37c. I picked it up at a local enviro-store, mainly because I hated throwing out all those cartridges! Recently, I found what seems to be a 1979 Gillette Black Handle Super Speed? So far, I like it a lot more than the Merkur because it's smoother and less aggressive. I'm blessed with a heavy beard and a tender mug - that seems to put me in conflict with the Merkur. My father just passed away and I've inherited his Vulvix brush. I haven't figured out which one yet, but it's heads above the Omega I was using.
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    Welcome to B&B (sorry to hear about your dad).

    There's a few 'peggers here on the board already (one is a video celebrity!), but we won't hold that against you :tongue_sm
  3. Thanks Rockviper. Winnipeggers are everywhere! Is he a celebrity on this site?
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    He'll be along. Don't want to steal his thunder. :biggrin1:
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    Welcome to B&B.
    My condolences about your father.

    If you post some pictures of the brush I am sure someone will be able to tell you what type it is.
  6. Welcome. Very sorry on loss of your Father.
  7. So sorry to hear about your dad. Welcome to B&B.
  8. Sorry to hear about the loss of your father.
    Welcome to B&B, fellow Canuck.
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    Welcome, Nicky66.
  10. Sorry for your loss. My father passed away years ago but I still remember him every day. In spite of it we must keep it on.

    Welcome aboard and enjoy your shave!
  11. sorry about your Dad, hopefully you have a strong support circle of family and friends to get you thorugh this time.

    welcome aboard...nice to see some more Winnipegers on here. It's a great forum, a few Winnipegers on here (myself included) and a ton of knowlege and good guys (and gals).

    if you need anything let me know (ie where to buy stuff, what we can find locally etc), let me know and i'll see if i can help.

    keep that credit card handy though, Winnipeg is a tough city to find anything, but there are a couple great CDN vendors and many US ones that are CDN friendly when it comes to shipping and selection.

    Go Jets Go!
  12. Sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad.

    Welcome to B & B. Greetings from Calgary.
  13. Sorry to hear of your loss. Watching as the old guard falls, and having to move up to become the vanguard is such a sad part of life. My poor kids who have to rely on my wisdom now, after losing my father. I inherited an old DE razor from him, but threw it away after nearly shaving off my lips. I wish I had kept the razor. His old shaving brush however, needed to be pitched. March on, and welcome to B&B.
  14. Welcome to B&B !!
  15. Hello Nicky [​IMG]from Winnipeg, Canada (where Hockey is The Coolest Game on Earth...Yeah Baby!!!).[​IMG]

    Welcome aboard the B & B (besides being enrolled in the fictional, sacred and utopian Order of Shavedom). Please feel free to come up to the promenade / sun deck & 'sit-a-spell'.

    Sounds like your off to a great start and yes (and you have my condolences on the passing of your Father), this Forum has the knowledge, ideas, and all around 'know-how' to assist in your Wet-Shaving experience. In a nut-shell...your 'gonna' love it here.

    Q. Besides your Merker (I own both the 23C & 328C), what other brand of tools (blades, soap, brush ect...), are you working with? [​IMG]

    In my opinon, it's wise and sage advice to get a Razor Blade Sampler so that you'll see what blade would be a good fit (mild, moderate & aggressive, ect...), for your face and Razor plus the Thread entitled Wet Shaving Instructions & Tutorials maybe of great interest to you and is very informative.

    Although, you may not be additted yet (I think I'm holding up fairly well...with a few exceptions), because we all suffer (gladly and are doomed perhaps), from this shaving complusion (and other Acquisition Disorders), because at times..."Resistance is futile". [​IMG]

    "Lead us not into temptation. Just tell us where it is; we'll find it". Sam Levenson

    Please don't forget once you get tell us a little about yourself in the Hall of Fame sub-forum.

    [​IMG] “Life is [like] a razor, you are always in hot water or a scrape”. Anonymous

    PS Go Jets Go!!! [​IMG]
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  16. Sorry to hear about your loss.

    Welcome Aboard from a fellow Canuck!
  17. Welcome, fellow Canuck! Continued great shaves, sir.
  18. Thanks for the warm welcome, you lot! I'm fairly sure that I'm using a Vulfix 5 brush. sells the same brush. It is a stiff brush, for sure, and I do like that. The last blade I used was one I bought in Cuba in January. The hotel shop was selling Vidyut Super-Max Platinum blades for one peso. I was more excited about that than I was about the cigars, so I'm pretty well hooked on safety razors, it's safe to say. And, thanks Count of Merkur Christo, I have bought a sample pack before, from Fendrihans, in Canada. The only blades that don't suit me very well so far are the stainless steel Astra blades. The platinums are great, though. As for soap, I use Proraso in the tube or in the cup, mainly. I also bought some Dr. Bronners, but it gives a VERY thin lather.
  19. Welcome, Nicky66. Wet shaving is great in the Great North...being in a steamy bathroom is about the only way to stay warm during those long winters. This coming from a guy who spent my early years a few miles south of International Falls, Minnesota. Again, welcome.

    PS... just saw the comment about the Bronners soap. Thought I add this 2 cents worth.

    I have shaved with the Bronners liquid soap straight up while camping, no lathering, and it works quite well. If memory serves, the soap contains olive oil and some other lubricants. If you have the bar type, don't throw it out. It's great as gentle pre-shave wash using the shaving brush. I use the unscented baby soap. Good stuff. In addition, if you're bored and have good eyes, you can spend a couple hours just reading the label on that stuff. Eventually I'm thinking of converting to that man's religion...if I could only figure out what it is.
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  20. Yes, I like the soap too. That's why I wanted to try the shave soap. It's the liquid type, and has an odd, not unpleasant smell of burnt sugar. Your detail about International Falls is interesting; I was born in Fort Frances, just across the border.

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