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  1. Please turn me on to a cheap (inexpensive) aftershave splash that moisturizes and contains no alcohol.

    i'm currently using the lubriderm 3 in 1 mens whatever lotion, and it works great, but it takes way too long to apply. i want something like a liquid aftershave that i can pour in my hands, splash on, and go, without drying my face out. as it is, i have to shave 4-6 passes on my neck to get passable, and it makes my skin raw. i need an aftershave that can rehydrate/condition my skin very quickly in one fell swoop.

    does any such product exist? i'm thinking like under $5 for 16 ounces (using lubriderm 3-in-1 lotion as a price point).

    thank you so much BNB!
  2. I doubt it. I've discovered that you can find a highly effective splash at drug store prices, think A/V or Skin Bracer, but for balms I find the low cost stuff just doesn't do it. At least form me. You could try the Nivea after shave balms but I find the best stuff is Musgo Real balm. It's pricey but it lasts for months so it's well worth it as you only need a little bit if applied to a damp face. I use it exclusively in the winter and a bottle lasts from November all the way into April with some to spare for the following winter. If I remember I almost got 6 months of use out of my last bottle. YMMV.
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    I also look for non alcohol toners and ASB.Right now I'm using Thayers non alcohol witch hazel. I really like it Before that I used either the neutogena or Nivea balm. I can't remember now which one has no alcohol
  4. Lucky Tiger Aftershave & Face Tonic is a good one.
  5. Try Thayers Non-Alc. Toners. Earth Science also makes an " herbal after shave soother" that is alcohol free but has more aloe and herbs than witch hazel. These are slightly more expensive than what you propose but not too expensive and good value for the money. You could also make your own homebrew the archives...I know some people were making homebrew AS with aloe juice and the like.
  6. I'll echo the Thayers recommendations, as it's about the only product that even comes close to your (somewhat unrealistic) criteria. Plus, it will help with the irritation. There are more traditional scented type aftershaves that would probably work, but no way are you going to find 16 oz for $5. Even generic drugstore aftershave is gonna blow through that price for that quantity.

    I gotta ask - how long can it possibly take to put lotion on your face?
  7. Splashes are very rarely good at moisturizing, fwiw.
  8. I have some lucky tiger face tonic that's supposed to be delivered today so I'll give that a shot. Lubriderm, at $5-6 for 16oz is a really great deal, and one that I will stick with. I just figured that a liquid aftershave splash would be even cheaper - it's liquid, after all :) Maybe you "use more" with the lotion aftershave (lubriderm) versus a liquid aftershave, so I'm willing to go with whatever will last as long as the lubriderm.

    applying lotion is a good minute or two longer than an aftershave splash. Since i shave my face (about 45mins) and my head (about a half hour) every day/every other day, an hour and a half ritual is just too much for me. i need to cut the time down wherever i can without cutting corners (drying out my neck). my neck is 100% my problem area, and after about a year of de wetshaving, i still haven't got it down to a science. i either sacrifice time for stubble (and a non-irritated neck) or sacrifice time (and an irritated neck) for BBS. when i want BBS, i have to shave at night so the irritation is gone by the morning and so i'm presentable during the day :\ i hate my neck. anyway.... thanks for the suggestions folks :)
  9. Wow, yes, that's a lot of time to devote to shaving.

    If you want to cut down on the time spent the best thing to worry about would be getting your technique down. At some point you should be able to get a good comfortable shave in two passes plus touch ups, which should save you a good 25 minutes and still let you go at a leisurely pace.

    16oz of moisturizing aftershave splash for $5 is pretty much out of the realm of possibility. I'd say the best you can do is get a bottle of Thayers for around $10. It'll last a good long time and is suitable for winter and summer. You can find it in some independent pharmacies and natural food stores.

    **just realized you have LT on the way. That should set you up for awhile.

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