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Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by Gissy, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. I just found out my economical situation next year will be really horrible. My friend I've been living with is moving in january and my living expences will almost double.
    Thankfully in the last few months I have bought enough of almost everything I need to keep shaving for at least a year. The only thing I'll likely will need is some more aftershave and witch hazel.
  2. Sorry to hear that old boy. Without trivializing your situation, perhaps use this as an initiative to spend some time enjoying the shave rather than the acquisitions?

    I am currently half-way through a six month employment hiatus and although my income has been cut to zero (by choice, however) I have been attempting to use the time to gauge exactly what I want from my shave set-up.
  3. That's what I'm thinking. Really get a chance to learn the ins and outs of the things I have.
  4. Good luck !
  5. This is why we stock up :)

    Many of us during this recession have seen our personal finances face some challenging times. For me it was later2010 and ealry 2011.

    The good news is that despite the collector aspect of many of us here at B&B, at it's core Wet Shaving can be a very economical practice where one can have wonderful shaves that treat your face and wallet well.

    Best of Luck my friend. You can always look for a new roommate.
  6. the_edski

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    Good luck! I hope you have cheap "drug-store" AS and generic witch hazel in Norway!
  7. Good luck to you.

    I went several years without aftershave or any sort of post shave product. I guess I really didn't think about it much. If you've got some really moisturing soaps - or some with lanolin, like Mitchell's Wool Fat - you may be able to skip the aftershave altogether, if you do run out.
  8. We actually can't get witch hazel at all here. I had to order mine from the states. But I think I will manage that as long as I don't buy anything else.
  9. never know a roomie maybe right around the corner ! Good Luck !
    Enjoy Your Shave!!!
  10. I'm quite particular with who I would like to live with, and even if the money will be tight I'm actually looking forward to having the place to myself. But if the right girl came along....
  11. Good luck. Do you think you can make it through the entire year?
  12. I know I have enough cream, soap, blades, brushes and razors to keep me going and not get bored. If I manage not to buy anything is another thing, but I'll try to remember I actually have to eat.
  13. All the best Gissy with next year mate.
    It's actually kinda nice to get to know what you have...and finally get around to that whole "saving money is why I started wet-shaving" thing :lol:
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    Gissy, you may find the Holy Grail this year...being able to say and be truthful "I actually did save money wet-shaving!"
  15. If I do manage it, that should be my custom title!
  16. Good luck mate and all the best! We'll sort this out!
  17. Thank you! Then I can relax!!!
  18. Enjoy having the place to yourself. Things have a way of sorting themselves out. I hope next year brings you unexpected good things!
  19. Thank you! I am actually quite moved by all the backing I've got on this forum. I really appreciate it guys!

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