No full sized replacement pucks of Czech & Speake No 88?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Tim_McD, May 4, 2012.

  1. Has anyone seen a vendor with the full sized pucks of C&S #88 in stock?

    I can source the three travel sized pucks and the full sized soap with the hideously expensive dish - but the replacement puck appears to be out-of-stock everywhere.
  2. The C&S site had them in stock recently, I just think they are difficult to keep in inventory. Not enough supply to meet demand. That being said, I don't think London's has had them in a while
  3. C&S here only has the soap/dish, not the refills, and this has been the case for several weeks now. I sincerely hope this is not a suggestion of yet another reformulation pending!
  4. garyg

    garyg Contributor

    Am I missing something or does C&S really get $168 for the soap and bowl shipped to the USA? 25 pounds to ship? I have some of the soap in a generic wood bowl, purchased a while back, and while it is "interesting" it ain't worth 10 sticks of Sir Irisch Moos ..
  5. I meant shoplondons, it's where us USA folk get our goods :wink2:
  6. garyg

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    Well, this would be one soap that I'd hope would hurry down the shoot, eh? Still seems like a scam, but hey, that's why we have
  7. Have you tried Cambridge chemists google them ! In my humble opinion that soap and their O&C are worth every cent ! but then again twenty years ago I would have been happy with a lesser soap !
  8. Jim

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    Mention B&B for a discount from Scott at Cambridge.
  9. My Google-fu is pretty strong and the two official US distributors (Cambridge Chemist and the place in LA) have the puck/dish and three travelers - no full size replacement pucks. I think that I am going to just buy the triplets.

    Also interesting: the O&C full size puck that the company will sell you for an obscene shipping charge can be had off Amazon - from C&S - for the normal affordable shipping. Distribution channels and shipping costs continue to amaze me, but that is a subject covered ad-nausea elsewhere
  10. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    Do not attempt to use the Cambridge chemists website, call the store directly.

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