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  1. Newbie here.

    I've tried searching the forums and web with no great success concerning no animal products shaving soap. I thought it would be nice to have a list of shave soaps that do not contain any animal products for those of us who want such a thing.

    I know this is complicated a little as unfortunately ingredients such as soap flakes, stearic acid, glycerine or fragrance can contain animal products or be derived from them, or then again, sometimes not.

    So far, based on the label, I've found that Van Der Hagen shave soap (available from your local Rite-Aid or Walgreens) explicitly states it does not contain animal products. While I find the lather a little underwhelming, the biggest problem I have with this soap is the smell (I find it to be a kind of sickly sweet rose fragrance?). I'll use it, but I'm definitely looking for a different soap.

    Anyone got any other non-animal products shaving soap recommendations?

    EDIT: updating....
    No animal products:

    Van Der Hagen (package lists no animal products, but deluxe contains lanolin based on post#5)
    Edwin Jagger (based on email reply)
    HoneyBees (based on post#15 and email reply)
    The Gentlemen's Quarter (based on post #14 and web site, but soap does contain goat's milk)
    Kiss My Face (based on post#2, verified on web site for soaps*)
    Tom's of Maine (based on post#9, verified on web site for soaps*)

    *do not seem to currently sell shave soap specific products, but can their regular bar soap work?
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  2. As noted, looking at labels doesn't guarantee if a product is animal product/by-product free. I think in the past some members have contacted companies directly to find out if the products are animal free so those posts/threads are out there somewhere. Manufacturers who actually advertise/claim their products are vegan/animal free/cruelty free are fairly rare and perhaps even rarer are animal free products which are well reviewed on this board.

    All Jack Black shave products are certified as cruelty free and they also make a brush which is supposed to be quite good.

    Kiss My Face shave products are vegan and well-regarded on this board. Also both Alba and Lush make non-lathering shave creams that are certified as animal free.

    Body Shop makes a good synthetic brush but Body Shop products are not certified as animal free. Since l'Oreal bough the Body Shop all products continue not to be tested on animals, but the Body Shop will no longer certify that any product is animal free.
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  3. From L'Occitane's Site

    "Since 1976, L’Occitane has created authentic products, using ingredients selected with the greatest respect for people, the environment and animals. We support local suppliers wherever possible, enabling us to guarantee the quality of our ingredients, and encourage sustainable harvesting methods. In keeping with Provençal tradition, our products contain essential oils, and many of our raw materials carry a quality label such as ‘Controlled Origin’ (AOC - Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) and organic agriculture (AB –Agriculture Biologique). To produce each formula L’Occitane draws on the teachings of phytotherapy and aromatherapy. We currently use more than 200 plant ingredients derived from over one hundred plant species."

    I assume this applies to all products, their Cade shaving soap is an excellent product.
  4. Thanks for the reply -youch! Jack Black stuff is expensive. I have been emailing various soap makers as well, will post the results as I get them.
  5. Does the remark about Van der Hagen apply to all their soaps? The only one whose packaging I have on hand is the Glycerin, which does specify no animal products, but I was under the impression that the Deluxe contained lanolin (which would be vegetarian, but not vegan). It's not of personal concern to me (I'm just a vegetarian), just throwing it out there.

    The Ogallala Bay Rum looks promising (ingredients here) but I can't speak to the origin of the glycerin. Might be worth a look. My memory is that the same is true of Col. Conk.
  6. it is not a soap but Nancy Boy products boasts this.... Tested on boyfriends, not animals.

    They, N.B., also use bio-degradable packing peanuts made out of potato starch that dissolve in water. How is that, some go green for my PETA friends.
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    You need to consult the new sticky with a compendium of artisan soap makers
  8. Not exactly on point, but within what might be called the "relevant range", Kent's rebranded MWF comes with a "no animals harmed" sticker.
  9. Tom's of Maine does not test on animals or use animal ingredients. Sadly, they have discontinued their shave cream, but it can be found on Amazon as of this date.
  10. I did get a reply back from Col. Conk providing a list of ingredients with no apparent animal products -however, when I sent another email back asking if they knew specifically if animal products weren't in the list, they said they thought it did contain animal products.
  11. I did, but I didn't see soaps specifically listed as being animal product free (using vegetable ingredients doesn't mean that animal products are not being used too). Along similar lines, reading about LÂ’Occitane, if you read carefully it doesn't mean to say there are no animal products, just that they treat animals with respect -and that can be certainly open to interpretation!

  12. Lush makes an organic shaving cream called "Shave the World"

    Its a Cream, however, not a soap. Don't know if that matters? Smells like Shea Butter. Never actually used it.
  13. Not only are Jack Black products expensive, they are probably the poorest performing products I have ever used. They are the only shaving products that I have ever thrown away (specifically their high end shaving cream) because it was so ineffective at cushioning and lubricating.
    The packaging looks nice. :frown:
    On the other hand, Gold Dachs is an all vegetable soap and it actually works extremely well. It is one of my top 5 soaps.
    It is availabe from
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  14. From The Gentlemen's Quarter:

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  17. +1 that Lush has a vegan "shave the world" cream. I got a sample of it but haven't used it yet. I'm not really sure if it's brushless or what...
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    You may want to give the honeybee soaps a try. They some in a lot of different scents and they tend to work well.
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    Stearic Acid/stearates can be derived from unsaturated vegetable oils as well.

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