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  1. I have only shaved one time in the morning but I think that you would end your shave differently based on the time of day. I hope this makes sense. Example, when I shave at night I use Bump Stopper then some sort of calming balm and go to bed, when I wake I wash my face then use a moisturizer (Q10) and I'm out the door. I'm looking for what people do differently from night to day shavers. Do morning shavers use a moisturizer in the morning, is it included in the claming balm stuff like that. I swear I could ask this better in person if I had to..I hope this makes sense
  2. I don't normally wear balms, usually opting for a lighter splash, but I'm more likely to wear balms at night than during the day. If I don't wear a balm at night then at least I'll opt for something with less scent to it, like Witch Hazel, as opposed to Pinaud Clubman or something that lasts a while.

    Also, I don't normally shave at night. When I do, I end up with some bad stubble around noon. At least my beard grows slower when I'm asleep, it seems.

    Really, I just like to shave after I shower, whenever that may be. If I happen to get really dirty during the day I'll shower and sometimes shave again at night if I need to (for the wife :thumbup1:) and then the next morning I might just run over some stubble with my electric before leaving the house.
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    Come home most nights about 2300hrs from work and get up to sort my daughter out most mornings about 0700hrs. So I like to get up straight away, super hot shower, face lather with Arko or Tabac and an Omega Boar. Nothing more than a 3 day old shark blade in my Parker, 3 passes and then rinse. Finish shower. Cold water spalsh or full facial soak, menthol WH. It's now about 0745hrs. Daughters got breakfast, I'm getting Proraso post shave on with a little unscented WH. Dressed then possibly a little 4711, Proraso AS or Tabac to sooth even more. On the school run back home for 0930hrs. Ready for work at 1000Hrs, a dad of Tabac or Brut, anti-perspirant then out the door back to work at around 1030hrs. any irritation and then a little Erasmic AS balm.
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  4. I am a night shaver. I soak my badger in warm water in my shaving bowl. I wash my face with soap (Ivory). I do not dry it off. Then I bowl lather with shaving soap (mostly Tabac or Omega). Mixing up the lather takes a few minutes and gives my beard time to absorb the water and get soft. I then lather and shave. I use some Aquavelva AS. My face is pretty oily, so I rarely use moisturizer. I only moisturize if I have sweated a lot or spent some time in a pool and my face feels dry. I have shaved after a shower and it is a much better shave. I must shower in the morning, because my hair is very dense and it is uncontrollable, unless wash it in the morning; it tends to look like Kramer’s from Seinfeld. Also I tend to sweat in my sleep and do not want to smell all day.
  5. Doesn't matter if I shave A.M. or P.M. I just use witch hazel then either a night cream (P.M.) or light facial moisturizer with SPF (A.M.).
  6. Night shaves end with a scentless balm, morning shaves with a splash.
  7. When I worked I shaved at night. Since retiring, I'm a late afternoon shaver. Regardless of time of day, I end the shave with only witch hazel (with alcohol). I don't use balm unless I screw up and wind up with irritation. Even then I use it sparingly.
  8. Unless their is an extraordinary circumstance, I always shave in the morning...and I use a balm...usually throw Proraso balm on with some sort of splash or fine for me.
  9. I shave after I shower usually after supper. Then I use a AS Balm. In the morning I wash my face and put on my AS for the day.
  10. I bathe in the evening, so no morning shower for me. I moisturise before going to bed - currently L'oreal Vita Lift... the problem with taking your time over shaves, is that you spend a lot of time looking at your wrinkles in the mirror.

    In the morning I finish my shave with a splash, and in the winter, a little balm as well.
  11. The trend I see it that most of you guys don't use a moisturizer, no matter what time you shave..The other thing I wanted to ask is do you use a splash or balm on a non shave day? or if a night shaver do you use one the morning after a shave
  12. I've never shaved at night. If I did i wouldn't be clean shaven in the morning. Also shaving in the morning is a very refreshing experience.

    After a morning shower and shave I use Jermyn street AS balm as its both moisturising and soothing. Feels great for the rest of the day and I look forward to waking up the next day so that I can shave again.

    Might shave one evening and see how that feels but then I wouldnt use a balm.
  13. My skin tends to be on the dryer side. So whenever I put water to it, it needs a moisturizer. In the morning I shower, shave, AS Balm and then a face moisturizer with SPF.

    I dont shave at night but I do wash my face, and I use a moisturizer without SPF. I wouldnt feel right not shaving in the morning.
  14. I just started wet-shaving with a DE about a month ago. Before that I would do a quick morning shave with canned goo and a Gillette Sensor Excel. Now I have changed to night shaving before I go to bed, as I like to take my time and it seems to relax me.
    Here's my routine:

    1. Wash face with a really nice goat's milk soap I get from Prince Edward Island and leave wet.
    2. Fill sink with hot water - soaking badger brush and shave mug and face cloth as it fills.
    3. Lather up some La Toja sensitive skin cream and apply one coat, then put hot face cloth over lather for a minute or so.
    4. Apply some Pacific Shave Oil then some more La Toja (I keep my mug with the brush sitting in the hot water - it keeps the lather nice and warm)
    5. Do three passes - reapplying lather for each. I've been using a 1953 Gillette Slim set at 5, but also use a 1939 Fat Handle Tech and a Merkur 34HD.
    6. I then squeeze the remaining lather from the brush onto my hand to use for touch ups - mostly the neck and chin.
    7. Rinse with cool water and apply some Proraso pre-post cream with aloe & green tea - LOVE the aroma!
    8. Clean up the brush, razor, sink and counter while face is drying.
    9. Splash on a wee bit of water and apply Neutrogena Razor Defense for the finishing touch.

    YIKES! When I see it all listed out like that, I think it seems somewhat obsessive, but, hey, it's also VERY therapeutic (or so I keep telling myself...) Anyhow it usually takes about 20-30 minutes, but man, does it ever feel GOOD!
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    I have dry skin and live in Colorado... balms, baby. Every time.
  17. I only shave in the morning unless I have a meeting/function/date at night. Morning is subjective to me since I work alternating shiftwork, I am going for a shave soon and its almost 11am, time for my second coffee after waking up before night shift!

    This is my procedure, and it fairs me fairly well;

    Night before:
    I give my face its usual cleaning routine and once or so the occasional green clay (still suffering from combination skin issues, green clay works brilliant for me, once or twice a week). Overnight it gets a balm that settles it, I would like to try something more natural than the chemical laden ones I am used to though. I also use a bit of Benzac AC 2.5-5% regularly at night which controls my breakouts fantastic as long as I keep up the applications (just a typical benzoyl peroxide cream). Lately I have started trying natural remedies that will settle my skin down as its very important that its not irritated before the shave or I suffer for a few days after, what has shown me a great result?

    HONEY! yes pure honey, straight on the face for 15-20 minutes, significant decrease in irritation and reddness on my skin, leaves its silky smooth ready for a shave.

    In the morning:
    10-15 minute shower or a bath, clean my face with a gentle cleaner that doesn't contain any of the typical "cleaning" acids, just a very gentle cleaner that doesn't clog pores. Plenty of water over the neck and face.
    If I have a oddly harsh beard for some reason, I also apply a bit of conditioner (yes regular hair conditioner) to it while I do my hair.

    I don't towel off my face, only the top of my head, letting it soak up the last of the moisture before the shave. then the usual in bowl lather + shave, followed by lots of cold water and a bit of balm over the top of some benzoyl peroxide (if my skin is rediculously bad lately).
  18. I always go for a morning shave to follow up a shower. Night shaves would be great before going to sleep, but I end up with to much stubble during the next day.
  19. I'm a late afternoon or night shaver. I use a splash with a few drops of essential oils mixed in for extra moisturizing. I don't do anything differently when I shave in the morning though.
  20. Since I'm only in my second week of DE shaving, shaving at night lets me slow down and learn technique and the contours of my face rather than focus on shaving within a required period of time. I let my brush and bowl warm up in hot water while I shower so I'm ready for lather as soon as I get out. Plus, the ultimate benefit to night shaving is if I get any nicks or razor burn, I've got seven hours of sleep for it to wear off.

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