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  1. Hi,

    I'm looking to pick up some 1/16 nickel silver bar or brass and was wondering, can I use brazing bar? Obvioulsy not the type with a flux core!


  2. Just go to a hobby store and they will have what you need. I got mine at hobby lobby.
  3. Legion

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    Brass should be easy at any hobby shop. Nickel silver you might need to google knife making supplies.
  4. Yeah but once again it's that age old problem of being in Belgium.
    You guys in the US have it easy, hobby shops-a-plenty. I'm trying to think round the problem!!!
    Reckon that non-fluxed brazing rods might work.
  5. Yeah but you got all the best beer and the best chocolate.
  6. It may be true, but it still didn't stop me brewing my own beer! In any case both chocolate and beer are bad bedmates with straight razors - either the blade slips in your hand or the hand slips on your face!
    I need a win win situation!
  7. Don't see why you couldn't use filler rod. May want to consider the stainless rods like, say, 316L stainless. They will likely be cheaper and it's fairly soft stuff. It's made in some fairly small sizes that would seem suitable. Haven't done it myself mind you, but that's what I would try if it were needed.
  8. I usually use microfastener #0 brass bolts, washers, and nuts. The nuts are handy for setup, mockup, trial and error. When you got it where you want it, you can easily round off the head of the bolt, cut the excess from the thread end, and peen it down over a washer just like a pin. You can't tell the difference in the finished job, between a peened microfastener bolt and a peened 1/16" brass rod.

    Last one I did, I was on a ship and had to improvise. I made pins out of an old brass hasp. I hacksawed it into strips, filed them roughly round, and turned them down with sandpaper, chucked in a drill.
  9. brass filler rod works great... its what i use....
  10. tiny brass nails from a hardwear store work nicely too.
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    i use ni-ag rods for my silver pins
  12. Decided to order a bunch of rods online, ordered nickel silver and brass for variety. Did the same for washers too. Quite like the contrast between the pin and the washer
  13. Hello BakerAndBadger,

    I'm having the same Belgian nickel silver pin problem. Were you able to solve yours?

    ...from Grimbergen
  14. @peter

    Pm sent
  15. The last I got were from ebay - I couldn't find the nickel silver around here either, grrr... BakerAndBadger, did you also end up getting it from eBay ?
  16. Great, thanks for the tip. That seems to be one of the exceptions with reasonable shipping prices to Europe.

  17. Thanks for that link, Kiwi!

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