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Discussion in 'The Brown Leaf' started by Argonaut, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Argonaut

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    I have 2 Petersons, 2 Nordings, 1 Savinelli, 1 Dunhill, 1 Giant SMS Meershaum dragon carved by Baglan, 1 Randy Wiley, 1 Comoys, 3 self carved pipes, and several no names. I would like suggestions on which pipemaker to try next. I have never spent more than $175.00 for a pipe and prefer to keep it closer to $100.00. I keep looking at some of the Stanwells, but from some reviews, I'm not sure they're worth the money. I'm open to all recommendations, I'm not looking to buy now, but I'm always looking.
  2. RazoRock

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    I have some really high-grade pipes and really high-grade meers but a few months ago I bought a 9mm filter Stanwell from an Austrian (no Australian lol, whoops) web-store and it has become my absolute favorite smoker. I am officially a 9mm Vauen filter convert, they are just amazing! You can find them for $50-100 euros
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  3. Argonaut

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    As I am a fan of certain aromatics, I may look into one of those. My Savinelli is a filter pipe and I like not having to run a pipe cleaner through it two or three times to get to the bottom of a bowl of 1Q. Thanks for the tip.
  4. Why not try a calabash? Different from anything you have, a very cool smoke-if it was good enough for Sherlock it should be good enough for anyone!
  5. I'll second the Stanwell recommendation. I'm not a fan of filter pipes but I've got four non-filter Stanwells and one of their seconds in my collection. With the exception of one churchwarden (smokes wet whether I use the long or short stem - bad alignment that I should correct) they're excellent.

    I've been told there is no reference to Sherlock Holmes ever smoking a calabash in the written works and that it was Basil Rathbone that started that. I had one in my salad days and enjoyed it for a while but the gourd became quite foul and I chucked it.
  6. jwhite

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    Actually it was good enough for Basil Rathbone (sp?). As originally written Sherlock was fairly modest in his choice of both tobacco and pipe. A gourd calabash is a pipe of worthy renown regardless, and one I've been meaning to add to my collection.
  7. RazoRock

    RazoRock Vendor

    I own a gourd calabash as well. Really fun to smoke but there are two negatives that I find...

    a) they drastically mute the flavors of your blends; anything mild to medium tasting will be muted to almost non-existence. They are great for heavy latakias and bold VAs like Full VA Flake and Blackwood flake.

    b) after a few dozen smokes the inside of the gourd really gets gunked up and they aren't easy to clean.

    That said, I think every pipe smoker should always at least 1 gourd, 1 churchwarden and 1 block meerschaum.:thumbup1:
  8. Exactly right about muting a smoke. When I smoked a pipe regularly, I favored virginians and latakias and the choice of pipe made a big difference in the smoke! My calabash was huge with a beautiful bowl, it sadly was found fractured on the floor one day and after careful repair has been only for display since.
  9. If I was going to get a stanwell it would be one of the hans christian anderson shapes. I don't know if you would like a churchwarden, but it's almost like getting two pipes for one. Also have you looked at any of the Mario Grandipipes on ebay? There are always a couple I find interesting.
  10. Argonaut

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    I like the idea of a gourd calabash, I passed up a used one for $30 at a flea market just before Christmas. The seller was the original owner, when I took the bowl out to check the cork gasket seal he said " I didn't know that came apart". The inside of that gourd looked like it had a truck bed liner sprayed on it. Aside from that one I've not really been too interested in them, they seem like they might be a challenge to smoke. My meershaum doesn't get much use because of the size of it, it's just awkward to smoke. I prefer a pipe I can hold in my teeth without getting a cramp in my jaw.:001_smile Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check out the mario pipes on ebay. I've thought about having a custom pipe made by Kim at PenguinBriar, his pipes look good and I have purchased a couple of plateau pre-drilled blocks from him to carve my own with. Most of his pipes go for more than what I'm comfortable spending though.
  11. I've been looking at Stanwell myself recently. It looks like their Danish shop just became an Italian shop recently. Due to lack of data, the jury is still out on the quality of the new pipes.

    eBay may be a good option for Stanwells for the time being, especially Ivarssons.
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  12. Missouri Meerschaum, corn cob. While it's possible to smoke any blend in a cob burley blends seem to fare best. <> cobbles custom-ish lucite stems for cobs. Some think that is throwing pearls before swine but over the years I find that I turn to a cob more frequently. Keep the cake to a minimum to retain the meer like effect. With good smoking technique a cob could last a lifetime.
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  13. Everyone needs a cob. Best smoke for the price. AS far as briar pipes, I can reccomend Craig Cooper. For an artisan carver, he has some really good pipes, at good prices. Here is his website:
  14. I agree that everyone should own at least one corn cob pipe as well. They smoke sweet and cool, and you can be extremely rough with them. Mine is a Great Dane Spool by Missouri Meerschaum (is there really any other substitute), and I love smoking out of it regularly...especially when my briars need some days to cool down. But if it's a new briar you're looking for, I have a great link if interrsted.

    I have personally used these folks for years. They provide a good online selection, and with pretty reasonable prices too. Also some good pipe furniture and wide variety of tobacco as well. Go and check em out, I'm sure you will find something you like.

    As for me, I don't own a single Freehand pipe. I think they are a beautiful cut and I am long overdue for one. I'm putting some money away, and hopefully will be purchasing a Freehand by Erik Nording soon.

    Happy Smokes, and happy shaving.
  15. Argonaut

    Argonaut Moderator Emeritus

    Those are great looking pipes, I love the Acorn pipe he has available now. If I could only justify the reason I need it(AKA "Will the wife kill me if she finds out?").:001_rolle
  16. I have a friend with a couple pipes by Jan Zeman, a pipemaker in New Zeland. His prices listed include shipping, and he has pipes in several price brackets. I'm trying to decide if I should pick up one of the Latitude 41 pipes or save up a bit and splurge on one of the Lord of the Pipes churchwardens (this line is the one my friend has two shapes from, and he says they have been great smokers from the first bowl).
  17. Fer


    If you are in the U.S. then you should check out Boswell's Pipes (just google it). I have 2 petersons, a savinelli, and a mastro de paja....but for some reason I keep going back to the Boswell that I purchased from them. They are American made, they provide large volumes of smoke, and are usually on the bigger side. They also blend their own tobacco, which when you buy a pipe they usually throw in a free 2oz sample. If you speak with them they will probably give you more free samples. They are a family business and they are very nice. Check it out.
  18. Argonaut

    Argonaut Moderator Emeritus

    Thanks for all the advice and links, definately going to be a tough decision.
  19. ebay a Castello

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