News Boy Cap

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  1. Any one have a favorite manufacturer or one they could recommend?
  2. I just got one from and it immediately became my favorite. I got an extra-full crown in large (elastic adjustable 1/2") and I get lots of compliments on it. I'm very happy with it.
  3. I like the *idea* of a hat, and the Newsboy looks handsome. But my hair is full and very, very moldable. If I wear a hat for more than a few minutes, my head will have hat hair pretty much until my next shampoo.
  4. Cappello makes great newsboy caps.
  5. I can heartily recommend Borsalino for flatcaps.

    I picked up a grey herringbone tweed number at Batsake's Hatshop (legendary old place in Ohio) a little over a year ago and it seems like I barely even wear my collection of fedoras anymore! My decision had a little to do with trying to find one that I loved in a 7 7/8, but even without the size restriction I can't imagine having one I'd love anymore than this one.
  6. Where is this, Cbus'ish? Flat caps are about my only option due to the size & shape of my head, and I should be heading home to visit family soon.
  7. I've actually got a couple of the Apt. 9 newsies from Kohl's and I love 'em. The cut suits me quite well and they're quite nice.
  8. I got my most recent one from the Johnston & Murphy store. I'm not sure if they make 'em or not, but I really like it.
  9. Borsalino and Burrberry make great quality news boy caps.

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