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  1. Greetings fellow wet shavers!

    I am 32 and rediscovering shaving, or so I hope!

    Every cartridge razor/shaving cream/after and pre treatment seems to leave me with severe razor burn and mass amounts of ingrown hairs.

    It appears many in my situation have found great comfort going back to the old ways and tools, not to mention its a way cool hobby!

    Needless to say I keep my shaves to once a week if possible, twice if required. Keep in mind I do not have light facial hair. After 2-3 days, I have a good beard going, not exactly good for keeping a professional image up at work...

    I've been lurking for quite some time, reading, learning. Its become quite a passive hobby for me. But now it seems I am very much ready for the plunge. I'm thinking about looking into getting a safety razor to start with, along with a nice but cheaper brush and some sample soaps/creams/sticks to try. There is a wet shave shop near here, not sure what they carry but it says they specialize in safety and straight razors and supplies.

    Really I'm more interested in straight razor shaving in the long run, but I am willing to take it slow if that is the preferred method. I see some have gone straight to straight (ha!) but just not sure if that is a good idea or not.

    Just got my father looking in storage for his fathers straight blade. Growing up it was always in the bathroom on display, and if memory serves, it was in pristine condition. Hopefully I can get my hands on it sometime in the near future.

    Anyway, looking forward to a new hobby/lifestyle and the potential future of a razor burn free shave!

    Suggestions on (cheaper) good quality brushes and sample soaps appreciated :)

    I'm in Colorado USA in case anyone is wondering.
  2. welcome fella!
    have fun!
  3. Welcome aboard! Enjoy your shaves!
  4. djh

    djh Moderator

    Welcome aboard. This place is a goldmine of information and the membership are unbelievably helpful- you will have all of the ideas that you can use in a very short time, I'm sure. I hope that your local shop is a good one- you may be spending some time (and cash) there.
  5. As a lurker, I'm already full of ideas. But I'm a hands on kind of guy, so I'm just going to have to go for it to see what I need/want/like.

    Really hoping to get my hands on that old family straight blade, but if not, got my eye on a dovo w/lifetime warranty and sharpening.
  6. don't feel bad, I started over at 43.

    enjoy it yo!!!
  7. Bunch of young pups. I started over at 65.

  8. Welcome to B&B!
  9. Starting at 32 is better than not starting at all. Welcome!
  10. Absolutely. I started over at 61.
  11. Welcome to B&B, a great place to learn and get advice. Don't worry about the age thing, I got going at it just after I turned 60.
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  12. Hello and welcome to the board.
  13. I started over at 29 about 18 months ago, so you're not alone.
    Welcome to B&B!
  14. And I am 48 and I just added the DE safety razor to my repertoire. I have lots of brush experience under my belt and was so repulsed by the money vs. performance of those cartridge rigs that I found my way here. And this is a great place! The road less traveled is often the best way to go. Let's hope it becomes the way for more of us; it's all good here so far as I can tell.
  15. I started at 30 and my brother started at 40! Both this year on the exact same day without knowing it! Good luck in your adventure in wetshaving!
  16. Welcome cross. I'm also new to DE shaving and looking forward to this path that will ultimately lead me to straight shaving and a BSS.

    To answer your questions I can only share with you my limited experiance. And that is to suggest buying yourself a cheaper brush now. Practice developing good lathering skills. Then, when that's covered and your AD really kicks in. Go spend some money on a higher quality brush, among other supplies.

    Like I said, I'm recently new to DE shaving and went this route The brush is Pure Badger and once broken in is a fairly good brush for the price. The soap smells very good and the stand has a place to hold your DE or straight razor. I also went with a EJ DE89BA11 razor, a GFT and DRH soap, and the ever popular Proraso after-shave splash.

    I hope you get your hands on your grandfathers straight razor. That would be super cool. If you do, please share with us some pictures and your impressions of it.
  17. Welcome Aboard!
  18. hey there, and welcome to B&B

    for cheap samples, id go with this sampler from truefitt and hill. its a great way to sample the shave creams and after shave balms. and it is only $8.07 shipped with promo code bb12.

    as for an inexpensive brush, my suggestion is the semogue 1800. under $20 and lathers soaps and creams like a champ.
  19. Thank you for all the comments and messages!

    Kooze and KMF79 - Exactly what I was looking for, so big thanks. Its hard to sift through all the sites and all the offerings to find what I need for now...

    I'll post here once I get everything I need going.
  20. I started over at 64. Years of injector, then the latest greatest multiblade craze and then back to DE. I have been doing the DE since late Jan. Lots of good advice here. Check out mantic's videos, you will learn a lot there.

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