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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by jrcrow79, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. ok, I think im going nuts about this!...BTW..I am a DE shaver of 3-4 months now..technique n everything is fine with anyblade I use..question is this...

    1. I have a MerkurHD Classic handle..working on narrowing my blades down in a few more weeks from sampler pack

    2. I REALLY LOVE the idea/pics of the Slant Longpole razor

    3. Problem is I have coarse AND sensetive skin..I shave every 3 days or so..sometimes 2..I go for about 4-5 passes with EACH blade

    4. Nothing wrong with what im using now..just wanna try something different..I was told it would be a bit too aggressive for me...thoughts/suggestions?
  2. you are referring to the 39c slant sledgehammer, no I don't think it will be too aggressive for you if used properly, I would recommend shaving on whatever schedule you do now but you will almost definetely find you can get as good a shave if not better in much less passes, I would start off just doing 2 passes and with a mild blade like a Derby and you should be fine
  3. hey thnx for your reply!..umm..I honestly HATE derby's n prefer Astras or tryin out sample pack of feathers..what do u think?..anyone you know who would wanna buy my 178 Merkur HD (open comb) Classic razor?..just curious?
  4. all 3 are good blades but I would definitely save the feathers for last, at least until you have used it a few times as they can be to some an aggressive blade and the 39c can be aggressive to, once you are used to it though you may prefer them

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