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  1. The basics ....

    Santa brought a Mekur 32C, Vulfix 660, D. R. Harris can of shave cream and a blade sampler pack (Derby, Mekur, Personna & Feather)

    Worked through the blades in the order shown, 2-3 days on each, starting with a 2 pass shave (wtg & xtg) and a 3 pass shave on the last day. I could tell a difference in sharpness between from the Derby and Mekur to the Personna and Feather.

    Now I'm working back through the blades a second time assuming my technique as improved and I'll get a better feel for each blade. For the last couple of shaves I've changed my approach a bit. After the second pass, I rub my face looking for rough spots with a wet hand. This tends to make the lather residue slick so I just shave the rough spots atg after rubbing the lather up a bit with my wet hand. Seems to work pretty well. Anyone else do this?
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    Sounds as if you are doing well- that D R Harris is great stuff, isn't it?! I like your idea of feeling your face- I do something similar, but I always hit my face with the brush again before making another pass or tidying up some more. If you have that great lather in your brush, why not use it?
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  4. I totally echo the suggestion made by David in using the remaining lather in the brush for touch ups. If you squeeze the remaining lather out, it also makes rinsing the brush easier later.
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    I also squeeze the brush to get a bit more lather. It seems to me that you are doing very well.
  7. I've officially settled on the Feather blades (for now :001_rolle). I have to be careful but they shave closer with fewer nicks and less need for touch up.
    After blowing through my tub of Harris lavender cream I had a very brief and fruitless experiment with Williams. For 59 cents a puck I thought it was worth a try.
    Now I have a new puck of MWF and a new tub of Razorock xxx, along with a Semogue 1305. Breaking in the MWF and boar brush at the same time was probably not the best choice but I am learning. Each lather has gotten progressively better and even though I'm nowhere near the rich foamy lather I created with the Harris cream, the shaves are smoother, closer and with less irritation. This morning I achieved BBS in 15 minutes with 2 passes and minor touch up. I think I'm going to like this MWF. Will try it tomorrow using my badger brush for comparison. Maybe when my confidence increases with MWF I'll break out the Williams again and give it another whirl :001_smile

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