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  1. Hi everyone, first time posting here. I've searched the forum as a non-member, but figure it's about time I jump on board as I start my quest for the perfect shave.

    First off, I've shaved before but for the most part I've always used the Gillette products....cartridges and canister gel. Sometimes I'd get a little fancier and go with Anthony for Men. Then things got expensive, those cartridges! Maybe it's my beard, but they certainly don't last long and having to replace them started to add up quickly...even with Costco selling them in bulk. So I gave up on shaving and just kept it trimmed short over the years.

    So here I am today, newly married man and the wife likes me clean shaved. I figure she does a lot for me and the home, one thing I could do is make her happy and stay clean shaved. I thought that there has to be another way, something cheaper then those cartridges, and I went to the internet in search of it. Boy was I in the shadows of Gillette marketing and the internet has shown the light as to what is all out there.

    Anyway, would like advice or approval (whatever you want to call it), on the products I plan to buy and start using here soon:

    DE Razor: Edwin Jagger DE89BA11bl

    Brush: Simpson Colonel X2L or Duke 2

    Cream: I'd like to get something locally and as natural as possible. Shooting for Kiss My Face or The Body Shop. I also do have the Art of Shaving and stores like Nordstroms, Sephora, etc. but not all provide natural products like I prefer. Maybe eventually I'll venture out to the three Ts.

    Blades: Going to get one of the sample packs from WCS, but can I get some advice on which ones to start off with and then build up to? I have read that Feathers are super sharp and should be left to more experienced shavers.

    Bowl: Do I need to get a bowl, or would a regular ceramic cereal bowl be good?

    Think that's it, hopefully. This sites awesome and sure I'll become an addict soon enough once I start. Also, if anyone would like to see a couple fun videos from my wedding, here are the links:

    SURPRISE First Dance

    Mission Impossible Garter Removal

    Thank You,

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    Welcome to B&B, and excellent shaves. I will make no promises towards money saving, but it will be a great experience. :biggrin:

    Razor: EJ 89 is one of the recommended newbie razors, along with Merkur 34C/HD. It will serve you well.
    Brush: I'll leave someone who knows what is locally available to you in the mentioned stores to suggest one.
    Cream: I haven't tried neither of those ("american" brands unavailable over here), but from what I've read Body shop performs well but doesn't smell that good, and Kiss my Face makes excellent products.
    Blades: I agree on leaving the Feathers alone until you have some other blades behind you. Derby are generally recommended as newbie blades, I used these to learn myself, but they didn't treat me very well. If I was to start over with what I now know, I would have started with Astra Superior Platinum or Shark Super Chrome. This is an individual thing, and there are experienced shavers who will gladly use Derby blades. Just pick a pack for starting, and go through them one pack at a time.
    Bowl: any bowl-shaped object will do, cereal bowl included. I've even lathered in a disposable cardboard bowl, I wouldn't do it if I could do without, but I got shaved. :lol:

    Good luck shaving. :001_smile

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  3. If you're looking for something available locally, you may want to disclose some hints about your location :001_smile
  4. Haha, sorry...probably should of included that bit of minor information. I'm in Phoenix, Arizona.

    The brush I wouldn't mind ordering off the internet. I expect it to last a long time and not something I'd have to be going to the store every so often to get, like shaving cream. Budget for it would be $100 though.
  5. Just remember the thing I forgot....aftershave balm. Any suggestions?
  6. Welcome to B&B!

    As far as the EJ razor the Barley (I'm going off of remembering model numbers, could be wrong) seems to be a great razor. I have the chrome lined model and love it. The brushes I can't really help, I started with an EJ Best badger in the medium size knot. Have a Rooney 3/1 coming in the mail soon. Here good things about the Simpson though, I just don't know about the different models and knots. Anyways as far as soaps go I love the tallow soaps, especially MWF and the Razorock Artisan lineups. If tallow doesn't bother you (it is natural :lol:). For the blade sampler packs I went with the one from WCS that was around $25 mark. It got me off to a good start, I really enjoyed the Red IP's and it includes Feathers which I was not so found of. Last for the bowl a cereal bowl will be find, but I found a Latte mug at Wally World I like better, it was the size of a bowl but had a handle which makes it easier to hold, and it was only like $4.

    Good luck, I believe you are headed in the right direction myself.
  7. Just noticed you posted about after shave balms. I only have what is available at common Walgreens,CVS, and Walmart variety's. Clubman, Aqua Velva Original Ice blue, Brut (very strong to me), Old Spice, witch hazel, and also a bottle of Captains Choice Bay Rum. I like all of them although the Brut is very strong all day on me.

    By the way Congrats on the recent wedding! Liked the MI video! I have mine coming up in about a years time!
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    ackvil Moderator Contributor

    Welcome to B&B. Looks like you had some fun at your wedding. Congrats!

    Take a look here for some sources for supplies in Phoenix. For ASB I like Neutrogen Triple Defend and Nivea for Men. The AOS cream is excellent.

    As for using a cereal bowl, that is fine.
  9. Huntingdan: thanks for the advice and the congrats. I'll look for a little bowl with a handle for cheap, that sounds best. Also congrats to you too. Enjoy that day as much as possible because it flies by soooo quick! Before you know it, it's over and all you have are pictures and video to remember it.

    Ackvil: thanks for the link, it'll help. Looks like there is a little barber shop supply store in Phoenix that I might have to hit up.
  10. Nice acquisitions you're planning. Yes on everything including the bowl.
  11. Welcome Aboard!

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