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  1. Hello everybody. I've been lurking on these forums and reading reviews here for a few weeks now. While I've posted once before, I thought it was time to introduce myself and actually join the community -- especially since I'm still aglow from this morning's shave, which had to have been one of the best I've ever had.

    Since I began shaving, I switched every now and then from multi-blade cartridges to electric razors. Both had their own special ways of chewing up my face, but eventually, I found a combination of cartridges, shaving cream and technique that allowed me to finish a shave with only a little blood and burn. I stuck with that for years, mostly shaving every other day.

    Then, a few months ago, thinking there still had to be a better way, I stopped in an Art of Shaving store (I live in Denver) and just started asking some questions. I walked out of there with a Merkur Futur and some pre-shave oil. (I've used the oil several times, and while I love the smell, I don't like using it. Feels gross.) I've since bought a vintage Gillette adjustable (not sure what model it is, but it's in great shape), some Feather blades, a pure badger brush and some Col. Conk Bay Rum glycerine soap. I've improved my technique to the point where I can get a shave like this morning -- BBS with absolutely no razor burn and only one or two small nicks that closed up with a little styptic pencil and a splash of witch hazel. And, I've been shaving every day; I no longer have to skip a day to heal between shaves.

    My next purchases will be Tabac soap, which so many here think so highly of, and an alum bar, which sounds like it's a more comfortable way to close nicks than the styptic pencil I use.

    Anyway, I hope to be a relatively frequent contributor here, and I really appreciate the knowledge everybody shares. Seems like a good place to hang out and spend some time.

    One last thought: I came across this thread yesterday ( on the resurgence of old-time ways and I couldn't agree more with the author. Sometimes it's absolutely, totally worth it to spend a bit more time doing something right rather than trying to reinvent the wheel in order to shave a few seconds off. Pun intended. I'm glad to have found DE shaving, and glad to have found Badger & Blade.

  2. Welcome Jon!

  3. Hi Jon,

    Welcome to B&B!

    You think you're having fun now??... just you wait until you get your little brush into that new bowl of TABAC!

    Oh... so good.

    Congrats on your shaves!
  4. Welcome Aboard :biggrin:
  5. Welcome to B&B!!!!!
  6. Jon, welcome to the forum! I am new here as well and believe that we have found the right place!

  7. Welcome to the best wet shaving board on the interwebnets!
  8. Welcome, Jon. You'll get all the help you could ask for.
  9. Welcome to B&B. The only problem with this place is there are so many great recommendations you might need to take a second job to fund the hobby :tongue_sm
  10. Ah yes, funding the hobby. I've run into that problem before. I tend to fall deeply into new hobbies, and I can see that happening here already. I'm hoping that my wife will like the results of this hobby so much that she won't mind a little extra spending.
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    Welcome Jon, that was a great first post :thumbup1:
  12. Welcome aboard!!:001_smile
  13. Welcome to B&B Jon!
  14. Welcome
  15. Welcome to the show. Glad you found us. How about a picture of that razor so we can see what your using? :001_smile

  16. I'll shoot some photos this weekend and post them in the Safety Razor forum. It's marked M1 on the underside of the head.

    Anyway, thanks everyone, for the warm welcome. I do hope to spend some time here and gain and share knowledge.

  17. Jon, Welcome to B&B, we're glad your here...Enjoy!!!
  18. Hi Jon,

    Welcome to B&B.
  19. Welcome To B&b!!!

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