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  1. Open to all locations.

    I'm tired. You decide if you are a Newbie and you decide if you are in need of this.
    Only requirements are 1) post here how your first shave went (or goes if you win this) and 2) if it doesn't work, PIF to someone else in need.

    Will end on Monday, September 5th.

    Razor - 1963 1st quarter Gillette Flare Tip SS in good condition. Even has the end caps.

    Blades – (2)Derby, (2)Dorco ST-301 and (3)Shark Super Chrome to hold you until you get a blade sample pack somewhere.

    Soap – a chunk of Mama Bear’s ‘America’ described as “A dead on interpretation of Dolce & Gabbana's signature fragrance, D&G pour Homme, a refined spicy, but sweet masculine scent with lemon, orange, lavender, sage, cedar and tobacco”. Size depends on what comes off when I cut it.

    Brush – sorry, you are on your own
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  2. Nice PIF!
  3. I guess i am still a new guy... i have a lot of what i already need though merkur HD and samples of those blades, but i would love to try a different razor and some mama bears soap.

    First shave! Loaded a Derby blade into a merkur HD had a hot shower washed face jumped out made some lather with omega soap....

    On to the actual event. 95% of the shave was fine no nicks or cuts, last 5% was my undoing when i tried to shave the little smudge of hair under my nose, through some act of pure genius i thought pull the skin out a bit and ill be able to get them little mongrels, bad idea on my part managed to somehow put my lip inline with blade... small slice but styptic refused to work.

    After the missus going on about my lip for a couple hours i was really depressed about my first run at DE shaving. I think that little taste of blood sated the razor god though and now 15-16 shaves 7 blades in and there has been no more blood and i'm loving shaving with a DE razor!
  4. I'm definitely new, I have a 80 year old Gillette Goodwill that is my only razor, walmart brand soap, using a burma shave brush, I only own 4 russian made blades :) Being a unemployed recent college grad, I am desperately in need of your PIF!

    - Dayton
  5. Nice PIF, very generous of you.
  6. Excellent PIF!!
  7. Bump
  8. A good friend of mine opened my eyes to wet shaving and let me use one of his razors for a while. I'm not sure the model, but it was a 3 piece open comb type. I read a couple of tutorials on here to get the basics and I only nicked myself a couple of times. Now I really enjoy shaving. I have yet to buy a brush, bowl, and some proper soap. I am using Neutrogena Shave Lotion and I absolutely love the shaving ritual. I enjoy taking the time to shave correctly, and, for me, the closeness of shave can't be beat.
  9. Saturday bump
  10. The winner is DC_MPA
  11. congrats and enjoy!
  12. I can't thank you enough! I have learned and earned so much respect that you will all be seeing PIF's from me in due time to repay this wonderful good fortune.

    Thank you!!

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