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  1. I recently tried some coffee after some prodding from Scott(life2short). I have tried a few different kinds in the past, all were foldgers and the sort. Never tried any good whole bean flavored coffee, well me and the wife were at a natural foods store and I noticed that they carried a large selection of flavored whole beans. We ended up getting a few different kinds to try. After a pretty unsuccessful attempt at grinding the beans in our food processor I had the wife stop at Wally world on the way home and pick up a grinder. My favorite of the bunch was a chocolate cherry flavored one and I ended up going back two days later and buying a pound of it. I don't know that I would like it if I didn't have half and half and sugar. But it is much better than the energy drinks I was drinking before. A big thanks to Scott for pushing me to try it. Any other flavor recommendations would be nice too. Thanks guys.
  2. Yeah a aeropress is on my list. And we just bought a cheap electric grinder. Any difference in an electric and the one you linked?
  3. The most important thing in coffee preparation is the consistency of the grind.

    There are basically two main types of grinders, burr and blade. Burr grinders give one a more consistent grind. The one I suggested is a hand burr grinder. The hand burr grinders don’t cost as much as the electric ones.
  4. You should stop by a good coffee shop. YMMV but I personally prefer unflavored coffee. Good coffee IMO doesn't need syrups or flavorings added. However, it's purely a matter of personal preference. Shops like Starbucks make a killing pushing syrups. If you prefer flavored coffee then by all means go for it. I'm just recommending that you give some good, freshly roasted, freshly & properly ground and properly brewed beans a try before deciding. It can be an eye opener if you've only ever experienced used to instant, preground and/or mass-produced coffee.
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