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  1. Hello all. Man I never knew there was a forum dedicated to shaving. Great site here. I found this thru Bladeforums. I started shaving with a DE and when that razor broke I couldn't find any in the stores, so I went to the Gillette Atra. In about 2000 I went to the M3 and was satisfied with the shave, but always hated paying the price for the cartridges. Fast forward to 2006/07 and it was back to DE with a Gillette my mom found at a garage sale. I'm just now getting into using shaving soap. I bought some VDH Delux & a brush at Walgreens. There's a lot to learn so I will tend to read more & post less.
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    Welcome to B&B.
  3. I used an electric razor for 45 years thereabouts, and then found myself "lurking" (I think that's the word people use) on this site, mainly, but others too, for months before the switch.

    Contemplating a response to an officer's question to state my business, I figured I could always say that I am here, humbly, to learn, that I understand the gate was open, and if you mean in the sense that I walked away with something, yes I did steal a number of ideas but I prefer to think of it as accepting the offer of others to share.
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  5. Hopefully you will stay with the DE this time. I am hooked!
  6. Welcome Aboard!!
  7. Welcome to B&B.
  8. Welcome to the group !!
  9. no need to ever go back, there are plenty of re-sells of DEs on BST and Ebay, we all start with one razor, then buy a backup, then one for travel, then one with a different head, then one with a colored handle, then one thats adjustable, then a birthday one, then one thats a SE, then one thats got a longer handle, then must have a vintage one, then one from Germany, it's a wonderful spiral of out of control acquisitions; How are you fixed for soaps?????
  10. Rob...

    Yeah, there is a lot to read! We like questions also, so whatever pops into your head about your new ritual, either share it with us, or ask away!
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    Welcome, I'm learning too.
  12. Welcome to B&B !!
  13. Welcome to B&B!
  14. Thx for the welcome everyone. As far as soaps, all I have is the VDH Delux. Just now learning how to make a lather, thanks to B&B.
  15. Welcome to B&B!:thumbup1:
  16. Take your time and really learn...soap's cheap. Make a few test lathers with no intention of shaving; keep adding water a little at a time, by dripping off your fingers into the bowl, or by dipping your brush into the water. I'm betting it'll take a lot more water than you think to make it too wet, and you'll see what good lather looks like to boot.

    Welcome aboard, and hang on! It's gonna be fun.
  17. Hey out there,

    So I'm a newb to the web site and safety razor shaving. I've been shaving for a couple months and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I actually look forward to shaving. Before the safety razor I had tried both electric and cartridge shaving. Electrics are worthless on my beard because when i'm done my hairs are still plainly visible. It mostly looks like a 5 o'clock shadow. I've been using the cartridges for about 10 years since i gave up on electric in my late teens. It works alright except that it is so ridiculously expensive. I eventually went to disposables for cost with a similar shave result. However, I hate the amount of waste from disposables. I've love my merkur 33c and have really enjoyed the learning experience as well as the endless combinations of blade, creams, and soaps to get that exceptional closeness. Glad to find a community of like minded folk on the web

  18. Welcome mate.
  19. Hi. How you ?

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    Welcome to B&B, Rob! :001_smile

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