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  1. I just bet this is an old question.. Possible tiresome for some:a42: I am a solid DE lover but the SE line looks tempting.. What really caught my interest was the Schick Eversharp line. So- I can easily pick up a hydro magic 500. Looks cool. The bakelite versions does not appeal to me so but hey I am open to the later ones including the Adjustables.. I DO like aggressive razors and apparently these razors (500) are NOT very scary. Any suggestions for a newbie on this possibly entry drug to the SE razors..?
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  2. I'd say any of the injectors are fair game. They're all reasonably priced especially the older models and are plentiful on the 'bay. The older Schicks may be more aggressive if that's what you're looking for so a Type E or G would probably be best for you. I really like my Type I and prefer it over my Type E. I also have a Schick adjustable but haven't had a chance to use it yet.
  3. I have a J1 which I keep in my locker at the gym for a single pass clean up. That's my only experience with injectors, nevertheless I will toss in my 2 cents.

    On the downside:

    1 They probably don't meet modern hygiene expectations. Not an issue for me, but cleaning the blade area of the head is near impossible (for me).
    2 The shave whilst good is somewhat unsatisfying, perhaps due to the lack of aural feedback.
    3 The blades last a long time, but are expensive compared to DE blades (but not cartridges).

    On the plus side:

    1 They seem to be available cheaply at the usual garage sale, flea market type venues.
    2 The shave is similar to a cartridge shave and therefore would probably be a good transition product from, say, a Mach 3.

    Usual YMMV disclaimer applies.
  4. None of the Injector type has ever seemed at all "Scary" to me. The transition from just Schick and bakelite plastic to more ordinary plastic had already passed before I got my first Injector, with a dark colored plastic handle, about 1956 or 1957. I was still a clumsy teen, just facing the need to shave every day after getting by with twice, maybe three times a week until then.

    I was thrilled with how easy it was to use, and how good the results were, in spite of the lack of effort.

    Later on, I would start using an adjustable Gillette DE every day, and forgot about my old Injector razor until the reminiscences of various others in here about Injectors overcame me, and now I have three. They shave very well, and in fact, I get better results from my first pass, WTG, from either a regular SE or an Injector than I do from my first DE pass, WTG.

    I continue to use my various Gillette DEs with about as much frequency as I use any type of SE, including these Injector models I have now. The physical mass is reassuring somehow . .
  5. You speak the truth. I concur.
  6. 1. A small toothbrush and some Scrubbing Bubbles or Simple Green are enough to clean the Razor Head, Patience is necessary.
    2. For me, the feedback is audible with the proper angle, very close to a Cartridge Shave
    3. Usually the current production Chinese Schicks can be purchased for ~$5.00 per 7 blades, at 71 cents per blade I can get 10-12 comfortable shaves. Cheaper than many Carts or Disposables, though a bit more than DE blades, they perform more efficiently and last longer due to the stiffer, thicker blade. Many of my NOS Blades; Personna 74, Schick Plus Platinum, Gillette Injector blades give between 25-33 comfortable shaves. My average cost per blade can run as high as a dollar, most were in the 70-80 cent range, still not a bad value.

  7. To be honest I don´t find the E types very attracting with their bakelite handle and their dull finish. So if I should do the leap I just have to accept to have to sacrifice the aggressivness on my ultimate shaving altar.

    Thanks Shadowsforbars for your VERY informative comments! Hey- I believe I am in for a shave similar to the modern cartridge stuff and I guess I am fine by that. The only exection is that I go "first class" with going vintage which is just the reason why I started in this "wet shaving business" four years ago:001_cool:

    I really enjoy aggressive razors and I know that I will not have my treats by going the Shick line at all. And still I am intrigued.. You wrote that you get good result with little effort and that is ok with me. After all most guys are not after that BBS shave every single every single day right? And with the risk of being nerdy- I got to say that loading procedure seems to be eh.. fun?

    Yeah I read a few posts about the down side of SEs in general and it all sums up to the very few blade alteratives ready available. Injectors in particular. Can you or someone else please provide a link to a vendor selling the chinese schick blades for that fair price you suggested? I don´t really know where to look and I am also afraid of vendors selling fakes.
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  8. Hey I forgot! I read that the 500 line is supposed to be FAIRLY aggressive and that seems promising. I am eye balling a bay auction right now. Are they ALL "Js"?
  9. The only injector I think anyone could accuse of any level of aggressiveness is the adjustable, on the largest number. I've tried a fairly wide range of them, not including that one, and the differences are very very small among them. (Incidentally, bakelite was not offered in a complete range of colors, but a solid Ivory white was among what was available, I'm fairly sure. The mottled Amber used by Schick was obviously a design choice. That was a very early type of plastic, actually, and more expensive to produce parts with than the more common plastics that came later.)

    The reference site now being preserved by Renaldo, of a discontinued site from another source, doesn't mention any "500" that I recall now, and yours is the first mention that I believe I have read anywhere.
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  10. The one you don't like, the E Type Bakelite handle, is probably the most sought after and available. The G seems to have used plastic handles with seams so they are "cheaper" than the Es aesthetically, IMO, but the head is basically the same.

    They are light in the hand so some pressure may be necessary. I don't know how to rate them by aggressiveness, but mine has given me some razor burn a few times and some issues shaving my neck comfortably. But I'm still learning how to run these injector razors.
  11. The Type E's and G's and adjustable are pretty much the most aggressive of Schick Injectors. The 500's and J's are moderately aggressive but very smooth razors IMHO. The later models L and on are pretty mild by comparison to there older siblings.
  12. I have a vague recollection of buying and trying a longer handled Schick at some point, perhaps a "J", but when that was, or why I got rid of it isn't among my razor memories. I also had never heard of any "500" before this thread. I presently have a G3, a G8, and a HydroMagic. I've liked the shaves from that last one best out of those three.
  13. I haven't read every word of the above posts, so might have missed it if someone already said this, but if you're thinking of trying SE razors and want something aggressive, you're looking in the wrong place. The SE razors like the 1912s, 1914s, 1924s, and particularly the open comb Micromatic can mow down anything you've got. A quick watch of Mr.Guy's youtube video will teach you how to use them and a quick trip to Walgreen's will get you a pack of great GEM Personna single-edge blades and you'll have a new love if you use it for a few days to get the hang of it. You can hear every whisker pop as it cuts which is very satisfying for some reason :thumbup1: , then you can discover the coolest-looking razors ever invented (the old lather-catchers from 1890 - 1910 or so, many of which use these modern GEM Personna blades), and your DEs will have to share your rotation. JMO
  14. The OP expressly inquired about injectors, not all SEs.
  15. Hey guys- thanks for your comments! Appreciated every one! I decided that I will try the J line after all- that is a black handled J3 or J4. Both have the hydro-magic level. (Link). They look smart and cool- don´t know if they are rare or not though.. I someone got one for sale please PM me. Thanks for the tip of the L being less aggressive- I did have the L in consideration actually. Looks terrific. If things turn out well here I will probably be a more active member in this section. I WILL save cpool222 comments as I apparently have so much to catch on the SEs. Oh God- I promised my wife that the last DE I acquired was indeed the last in line. That was three days ago and I really meant it you know... But hey I did not say it was the end of the DEs and the beginning of the SEs did I?:001_cool:
  16. Hendrik, I bought the Chinese Schick Blades from Amazon, they offered a four Cartridge pack for ~$21.50, free shipping on orders over $25.00, under the $25.00 mark, they charged ~$5.00. I've also seen them sold on E-B*y, and a few other on-line vendors.

    The J Model is a good, mild razor with a long handle, I use my J1 for Head & Face Shaves, very easy to hold with a ribbed handle and probably my favorite injector for performance.

    The 500 series refer to the J model, long Handle with the Hydro-Magic Lever added to the bottom of the Razor Head, the ones I've found are usually over-priced but since I own a "J" & a Hydro-Magic I've quit looking.
  17. Is the E model an "aggressive" shaver? To date, I've only used a Gillette Fusion and a Mach 3. I'm looking for a closer shave, but something that is kind of dummy proof in terms of the angle.
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    I found injectors to be quite nice, but rewards a light touch IME.
  19. The injector for head shaving might be good given it's easy to maneuver and the long handle on the J would also be helpful.

    So, I wonder if injectors are popular for head shaving?
  20. I know... I was just trying to tempt him :devil2:

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