New TGN knots?

Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by craig87c, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Looking to have an ER200 in red restored, and just noticed the Finest knots from TGN have an extra-stuffed fan knot. Anyone heard of these? The extra stuffed is new to me- I thought only the bulb knots had an extra stuffed version.

    See here!
  2. Take a gander at my nearby thread. I just bought and installed a Fan Finest in my butterscotch. Had never done it before and it turned out well. I picked the Fan profile only because I didn't have one already. Love it and pillow soft.
  3. I had some e-mail correspondance with Anthony from TGN and here is what he said about the finest knots: "All my knots are made with extra hair, some say it, some don’t." and then a follow-up e-mail stated, "All the finest knots have extra hair, I use to carry finest knots regular packing, but upgrade all of them about 6 months ago with extra hair."

    This was from an e-mail chain back in March, so it looks like they have been using extra stuffed knots for ~9 months. Maybe now he is just going through and updating his website?

  4. Captain- great thread! And thanks for the info, CZ- makes the choices a lot easier.

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