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Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Graham, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. A lot of you may have heard of Sensational Indulgences products (especially here in the UK) handmade shaving soap etc.
    Well, with travelling a lot, I wanted a shaving stick made from the same ingredients that the soaps are made of to fit my silver travelstick tube. SO I contacted Jan at Sensational Indulgences, told her my requirements, sent her some pictures of what a shaving stick looked like and low and behold a 3cm x 7cm shaving stick in Sandalwood arrived on my doorstep today.
    I didn't really need a shave this evening BUT I just had to try it out, lathers beautifully, Moisturises the skin, blade does not skip or stagger on the lather and the smell:drool: . I love Taylor's Sandalwood travel stick but I just wanted a stick the same as the shaving soap of Sensational Indulgences in Sandalwood.
    I have given Jan feedback of my trial tonight and she is now making these available on her E-bay site at £1.99, I have just ordered some more!, see what you think.
  2. Link.

    I wonder if she prefers reviews to be submitted by Spell-Bottle-psychic-powers talisman.

    Ha! Sorry, sounds like a great vendor. Near-ten-ounce soap for less than $10 and great customer support...can't argue with that.
  3. Very good, like that :laugh: , seriously though, she is a very pleasent lady
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    From the pictures on the link SA_bmatth posted, it looks like the soap stick is just the stick of soap.. no plastic container around it? It's just the soap stick itself wrapped in some cellophane? Is that what I'm seeing?

    ...just curious...
  5. That is correct, I took the green plastic bottom bit off of an old palmolive stick and put that on, took off the cellophane and put some very thin silver paper around it and dropped it in my Silver travel tube.
  6. Nothing wrong with a little, umm, eccentricity.

    By the way, she doesn't provide a description of the scents on the Ebay pages but from her other site:

  7. I would imagine she could make any scent that she already makes as a soap, remember this has all come about in the last 5 days, really as an experiment to see if she could make a stick for me, I know she went to some trouble to get a mould, so anything is possible.
  8. Try Burberries Saturday and Sunday for the Weekend fragrance.

    Names are for the types and you have to work the designer ones out.

    Dracula's Night is Drakkar Noir and so on and so forth - quite clever I thought.
  9. Having known Jan for quite some while now - she is a really genuine person and will go out of her way to help anyone. :smile:

    As for her eccentricity - well that came after her soap making and although she is interested in the metaphysical things in life (she is also a damn good medium/psychic :eek: ) she still takes great pains in everything she makes be it soap, shaving soaps, colognes - try them chaps - or healing products.

    An all round multi tasker I think :biggrin:

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