New Shaving Cream=New Razor Burn?

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  1. I've been DE shaving for about two months.
    After working through a sampler pack of blades, I found the best shave comes from my Astras.
    My razor is an EJ De89lbl.
    For up until last week, my cream of choice was TOBS Sandlewood.

    To spice things up, (actually just wanted to buy something new for this new hobby) I purchased some TOBS Eaton. I love the smell and get a good lather. BUT, I have had small bumps appear on my chin. I got these same bumps with other blades, but they disappeared with the Astras.

    I know that blades make a difference. I know that the razor makes a difference. But could the same company's creams really be causing me this trouble or is my technique getting sloppy?

    Thanks for you feedback,

  2. It's possible that different soaps create different lubrication. So yes, changing soaps could result in irritation. Assuming their ingredients are different that is.

    It's also possible that you added a different amount of water which could change things.
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