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    I happened to see The Walking Dead last night on AMC. Its a new series about the Zombie Apocalypse. It seems to be a very story driven show. If its half as good as Breaking Bad AMC will have another winner.

    I'll watch the next couple of episodes and see how the story progresses. But the truth is, I'm a sucker for post apocalypse movies :tongue_sm
  2. I happened to see that show also.

    I really enjoyed it and cant wait to see how it progresses.
  3. Saw it a week ago (somehow ended up in the torrents in advance), thought it looked ok, but missing a certain je-ne-sais-quoi that the WD comic books have.

    I just hope that AMC isn't going to wimp out and pull punches. The comics have some very emotional OMGWTF!!??? moments.
  4. Yeah, having read the comics the TV show's pacing seems off. The entire time you're reading the comic you're hoping for something to happen, like for Rick to find Lori and Carl. Last night I didn't really feel that, mostly because they ruined it by showing Lori and Carl alive.

    The Walking Dead comics are all about making you want something, then giving it to you rather quickly, and then horribly ripping it away just as quickly.

    The first episode last night just really took it's time. I think it needed to be faster. It was still interesting, but they just spent too much time being melodramatic about things.

    The focus in Walking Dead is not the zombies. It's the people. The zombies are just a device to screw over the people when people aren't screwing over people.
  5. Although I agree that there were a couple overly dramatic moments. I really liked the first episode. I think AMC is doing a pretty good job so far. Robert Kirkman seemed really excited throughout the filming so I think that is a pretty good sign of things to come. I'm really excited about this show, and even though I had high expectations I was not disappointed.

    For those interested, the comics are great. I look forward to them monthly.

    Here is a link to the first issue that you can read online:
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  6. I prefer shows that show people screwing over people without any zombies or an apocalypse. But then, when I read the "Name That Movie" thread in the Clown House, I haven't even heard of half those supernatural movies that get thrown up there.

    I won't be tuning in to "Walking Dead", ever, but I hope AMC is successful with it so they don't quit trying. They have put out some really good stuff recently. I'm more than willing to share the "Mad Men" (which I loved) programming with the zombies vehicles as long as AMC continues to up their game.
  7. The thing is, the zombie apocalypse setting just makes the human backstabbing more poignant. It's one of those "how could you do this to each other when this is going on" sort of things. It always turns up once the survivors reach some sort of normalcy and start to become oblivious to the threat around them. There are some truly heartbreaking moments in Walking Dead, assuming they stick to the source.
  8. agreed. the scene with the guy who couldn't bring himself to shoot his wife from the window was hard to watch.

    btw, does anyone know how different the pre-air was different from the actual episode? how much stuff did they leave out?

  9. I think there is a pretty good chance they won't stray too far. Robert Kirkman was pretty involved with the whole production and even wrote one of the episodes. I just hope enough people watch it so it gets the go for a second season:thumbup1:
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    I felt like some of the more emotional scenes were a little bit over the top. When he broke down in the kitchen, it just seemed forced. He didn't really react to all the people at the hospital or the half zombie near where he got the bike, then he just collapses in his house. Maybe if they had more time in the first episode they could have done a better job.
  11. I love it.

    I think this strays away from some of the ridiculous things we see in other zombie flicks. The reactions of the characters felt natural and over contrived or over heroic.

    I'm so glad this series is being made. I have been waiting patiently for a zombie story that people take seriously.

    All accounts of this being about people during a desperate situation and their actions are exactly right. The zombies are just part of the back drop that occasionally interact with the characters. As an avid reader of the graphic novels, I concur that the pilot followed the novels pretty tightly.
  12. I liked it, but think that they should have built up some suspense about what happened to Lori and Carl. As soon as I heard her bi$%$ at the cop I said to the SWMBO "that's his wife", that's exactly what he was complaining about at the beginning.

    I'll keep watching for a while. I love Mad Men and Breaking Bad on AMC, hopefully this comes close to those.
  13. Gaz


    I've never read the comic book. I liked it but I hope it has some originality to it as it progresses. Beginning was just like 28 Days Later (looks like comic came after the movie).
  14. actually, the creators of Walking Dead developed the comic before 28 Days Later came out, but my understanding was the publishers dragged their feet with releasing it. so, it looks like Walking Dead is copying 28 Days Later when they're actually not
  15. Saw it as well . Not bad , will see how it runs . Caught a British one called Dead Set on Space channel. Not bad either. For my money the book called World War Z was a chilling read .

    Does a great job of showing how different governments react to the news of an out break . Rabies ? Some other man made virus ? Total confusion and break down of our world society . I feel you could replace the zombies in it with any other virus and the effect would be the same - mass hysteria and lots of bad decisions .:thumbup1:

    Really enjoyed Breaking Bad .


  16. World War Z is a must read! The audiobook version is also pretty well done, though it is abridged.
  17. I think AMC hit another one out of the park with Walking Dead. I just wish there was more than 6 episodes to look forward to in the first season.

    I've been holding off reading the comics because of the tv show, but I don't know how long I can wait. I'm hooked.
  18. Haven watched it just (recorded) but my wifes uncle had something to do with it so it should be interesting.
  19. Is it really only 6? I didn't know that, I think they did the same thing with Breaking Bad. I watched that 2 years later on DVD though so that one didn't bug me.
  20. I haven't read the graphic novels, so I'm coming to the story new. The pacing of the first episode was pretty slow, especially at the beginning. I still don't understand the first scenes where the main character shoots a zombie girl. I assume that takes place in the future, relative to where the story line left off.

    I know it's a zombie story, so a big suspension of disbelief is necessary, but some things just didn't add up: the guy wakes up in the hospital (a week or weeks) after undergoing major surgery and he's the only survivor of the zombie disaster? He was in a coma without medications, water, IVs, drugs, food, etc., and he survives? He then just goes on with things - no sutures, staples, drain tubes or anything to worry about?

    He and the father and son survivors find a safe harbor in the police station - it has water, food?, communications equipment, weapons, ammo, other vital equipment and they all just abandon it? And split up? Those were the only people he knows are still around and he can trust them apparently, and they all split up?

    He drives off in his cop car and runs out of gas (didn't he think to top it off? or to carry extra gas)?

    He gets to the farm where he finds the old pickup truck - I assume he's going to siphon off some gas, but instead goes off on a horse? He abandons his patrol car? It's a safe place with mobility and communications and weapons and he just takes off an a horse?

    How does he escape the zombies by crawling into the tank? I'm not an expert, but do tanks have hatches underneath? It seems like the place tanks have most armor is underneath to protect them from IEDs, mines, etc. Wouldn't a hatch underneath defeat that?

    It got more exciting in the last half hour, so I'll keep watching...


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