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  1. I went to the flea market this morning and was very surprised at what I saw in a box full of junk straights. This beauty was hiding in a old worn out box. It's a very minty Dubl Duck Goldedge. The gold on it has a few spots where it rubs the scales and has worn off. The guy knew what he had so I did end up paying a pretty penny for it though, but it was well worth it. I love the inlays on it, brass?, copper?, they have a very nice tarnish to them. Anyone know what year(s) these were made?

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    What a pretty blade. Nice find!
  3. that is a nice one. 5/8?
  4. Sorry, no it's 6/8.
  5. HLS


    Hi Matt. I have one just like it that's going to the BST forum soon. The "inlays" are brass I think and mine polished nicely with Mother's.

    Jim B
  6. i found one almost exactly like that... but round tip and 13/16ths.... NOS... never been honed........

    and i got it CHEAP....
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    I recently scored a 5/8 of this for what I think was a pretty decent price too
  8. Excellente ! :drool:
  9. Very nice find. The brass inlays will polish up nicely. Just keep the polish away from the gold wash on the tang and tail. It comes off very easily.
  10. Wid


    Very nice.
  11. Damn I would have paid full price for that one. That's my kinda blade. I love big round points.

    And I am pretty sure this one is NOS because it has never been honed.
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