new Proraso at C.O. Bigelow brick and mortar

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  1. The C.O. Bigelow store has been completely out of Proraso products for the past few weeks. So much so that they cleared the shelves and filled them with other products. I optimistically assumed that they were awaiting the arrival of the new line of products.

    I received an email this week from C.O. Bigelow announcing the arrival of the new Proraso products to the webstore so I took a walk over to the brick and mortar assuming they got the new line also. Behold the full shelves! They even have the brush (all the way on the right next to the Bigelow can).

    Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture. I picked up the AS splash for moi. Looking forward to using it tomorrow morning.


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  2. Looks great!! Do you mind sharing how much it cost you?
  3. I cant help but think to myself..... when will the red be sold in soap??? when will the blue aftershave become available?? when will the blue be sold as soap
  4. $14 + NYC sales tax and a 5 minute walk.

    I think the balm (white) was $16.

  5. Hmm the cans are like regular Barbados right? I'm curious about the sandalwood one
  6. Brushes huh?? My interest just peaked.
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    CO Bigelow has a store??? Thought it was just something sold thru bath and body works. Cool!
  8. What a beautiful site!
  9. Yep. 6th Ave at 9th St. It's an amazing, old place. I'm lucky that I can go there as my local drug store/pharmacy.


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