New Merkur 20C and 30C?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by ziplepingouin, May 26, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    I was just browsing an online shop and a new Merkur razor appeared: the Merkur 30C and 20C. The knurled handle seems to have some kind of "anodizing" treatment.

    Anybody already tried it?

    It looks great imho...
  2. They appeared on the New Items list in Dovo's official website and in the 2011 catalog. There is also a matching set with a brush and a stand.

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  3. I think this is somewhat attractive, would be cool to see a thicker handled one in the same finish.
  4. noahpictures

    noahpictures Contributor

    Interesting but not the best lookers.
  5. The black part of the handle looks like some sort of rubber material.
  6. I actually kinda like it.....
  7. Looks pretty cool.. Looks like some rubber on that handle. Reminds me of the Bump Fighter handle.
  8. No rubber, all metal. I think it looks pretty cool.
  9. It really like it actually. Did you pick one up?
  10. Is there a vendor in the US that carries this razor?

    I couldnt find one
  11. I wonder if these are two piece, or three piece razors??
  12. Did someone tried those razors?
  13. I like the looks, but for approximately $40 shipped for the 30C and $43 shipped for the 20C, I would rather buy the new Muhle R41 for about $50 shipped to have a new and different type of head. I wish Merkur would make an all metal razor with the same head design as the 45 Bakelite razor. I bet that would sell like crazy.
  14. My first thought was that they're 3-piece, but looking at the bottom, it appears to be a twist knob. So maybe 2-piece?
  15. Phil @ Bullgoose said he will be getting them sometime in July
  16. theologist

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    I have tried one and reviewed it in the Review forum.

    It's good.

  17. Yes, I saw your review :
    I have several questions :

    • What type of razors do you usually like?
    • Overall dimensions?
    • Weight?
    • Centre of gravity (balancing point)?
    • Are the 20C/30C essentially 23C/33C with new handles ?
    • Does it have the same blade gap as the Merkur 23C/33C ?
    • More or less aggressive than the Muhle/Edwin Jagger DE89 heads ?
    • More aggressive than the Feather AS-D1 ?
    • Is the blade a little bit off centre (more blade exposure on one side) like many other Merkur ?
    • How is the chrome compared the Muhle/Edwin Jagger razors ?
    • Any picture along side with the Muhle and Feather ?

    And I would like the opinions of other proud owners of the 20C.
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  18. I think it's about time Merkur stopped the old Lee Iacoccoa smoke-and-mirrors trick by having essentially one type of razor head with different handles. Chrysler Corporation sold their famous K-Car as coupes, sedans, luxury models, and mini-vans. They also had the economy Omni/Horizon and their truck platforms as Merkur has it's Bakelite and adjustable head models.

    Just enough to truly advertise some sort of variety in the product lines but essentially BORING. I bought a 34C, liked it, PIFed it to my friendly local gorilla, and bought a 38C for the longer handle. Both are good products but the same otherwise. :Yawn:

    Since I don't want an adjustable, I have no reason to buy another Merkur. If I decide to get another ax to fill the one remaining spot in my rack, it'll be another brand for sure.
  19. No kidding. I'd buy two (one for insurance) and sell most of my other razors.
  20. I just ordered the 20c from WCS. $33 bucks.

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