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  1. After 2 years of shaving with DE razors, this is what works for my sensitive skin and heavy beard.

    First of all, I have stopped showering or bathing before shaving...this seems to work better for me. I do wet my face first with hot water though.

    I have found an excellent soap...oddly enough, it is not a shaving soap. It is a sandalwood soap from Mysore,India. The best sandalwood comes from this region. The scent has a remarkable woodsy/musky aroma to it. It is quite different from the sandalwood found in other regions. It is round and fits perfectly well in a large mug.


    With the brush, it lathers up to a rich frothy cream which rivals many other shaving soaps I've used in the past.

    I have an arsenal of DE safety razors but my favorite is the Futura by Merkur...a Schick blade works well for me.

    After the shave I shower.

    Then I treat my face to Caswell/Massey Sandalwood Shave Balm for a truly smooth feel.

    My shaves are very close with no nicks nor burn.

    After 10 hours still feels smooth to the touch.
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    Hello GQ

    WELCOME! Now don't think you can show up and tell us how great your soap is without telling us where we can get our own!:biggrin:

    Glad to have you aboard.
  3. Hi Jim,
    A friend from India gave me a box with 6 bars as a gift last year and I've been hooked on this soap since. I use one in the bath and another for shaving.
    I now buy it $2.04 a bar you can't go wrong.
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    What name can we call you?
  5. Welcome aboard.
    Thats a cool site those Grandpas Soap look really tempting also.
  6. Welcome to B&B!
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    welcome, and thanks for the link.
    Cheers, DJ.
  8. My name is Gonzalo.
  9. welcome to B&B :biggrin:

  10. Hi Gonzalo,

    a friendly Welcome to B&B, from Germany:smile: :smile:

  11. Hola, Gonzalo, que placer!

  12. I have already decided to try this soap as I have many other Ayurvedic items in my life - it is a sure success in my book. My question is, how do you use this soap most effectively? You build the lather right on top of the soap in the mug?
  13. I always build the lather on top of the soap...this works well for me with all soaps.
    You'll be surprised when you open this soap from its package...if you leave it open in the bathroom, the entire bathroom will have the scent in a matter of minutes !
    This is pure mysore sandalwood; no other filler fragrance.
  14. I received my Mysore Sandal soap in the mail about a week ago. I still havent used it and I am getting antsy! I am still finishing up figuring out how to shave and what blades work best for me with the same cream for consistancy.

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