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  1. I am just saying hello - I am a new member but a long time DE shaver. I got upse at the cost of cartridges one day, went to Art of Shaving, and used the cartridge $$ for a Merkur and never looked back. I don't have a huge collection like you guys do, but I do have 5 razors (the Merkur, a Tech, a fat boy, a slim adjustable, and a travel Feather). To go with them I have 3 brushes (a Waterford crystal handle badger, an AOS badger, and a boar I bought at Target. While I enjoy the ritual of shaving, I am a utilitarian and only go over my face once, and find that works well for me. This year I am shaving even less, as I decided to grow my beard for a year in October. I now have about 3 inches of length from my chin and am hoping to look like JEB Stuart by Halloween.

    I rarely have what you guys call AD, except when it comes to bicycles, both antique and modern; I'm sure that my wife would be happier if I collected razors and or brushes instead.

    I have lurked form many years and am happy to finally join the conversation.
  2. Welcome Aboard!
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    Welcome to B&B!
  5. I also have Merkur and Feather and you're still two razors ahead of me. Your collection is not so modest.

    Enjoy the compactness and simplicity of your collection. If you walk this road, you might end up with a hundred of razors that you can't live with (or without).

  6. Welcome Custer!

    +1 to what Lamb Root said - I only have 1 DE, 1 straight and 3 brushes, so you are doing pretty well on the hoarding front already!
  7. Glad your here. Welcome to B&B.
  8. Welcome 2 B&B!
  9. Welcome to the gang!
  10. I have acquired my collection over nearly 8 years - proportionally its a small "collection", now complete. (I love my tech and rarely use any others). My wife buys me shaving stuff for Christmas, and I told her soap and aftershaves are all I need from now on. I have enough stuff.

    I am kind of envious of some of the collections here, but know that having 50 razors or brushes would stress me out and make me feel cluttered. I live vicariously through the AD on the boards...
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  14. Welcome to the forum.
  15. Welcome to B&B !!
  16. Welcome!
    Enjoy Your Shave !
  17. Welcome on board and enjoy the ride, mate!!

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