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  1. Hi all

    I am new here, this is my first post...

    I am looking for a good...but reasonably priced Wilkinson Sword safety razor. I am hoping to stay faithful to a previously English/British brand. I have done a bit of research, but am still not sure if I am looking at the right types/models and think I need some friendly advice...!

    I am confused if some types take the current Wilkinson's Sword double edge replacement blades or what blades I might require...!

    I hope somebody can help!

    Thanks in advance

  2. First of all, Welcome!! This forum will provide you with many good times and lots of friendly advice!

    As far as your question, I wasn't exactly sure what you were asking. If you're wondering what razors the wilkies would fit into, they are very standard blades and will like fit in most anything you throw em in. I haven't found anything that any of the blades I've tried wont fit into(but there may be something out there that they won't). If you're question is about razors, I don't know anything about their razors(or if they even make them).

    Either way, don't limit yourself to a single brand, especially when it comes to blades. A major part of the enjoyment of wet shaving comes from the ability to try many different products and different brands, all at pretty cheap prices. When it comes to blades, there are so many and they all shave a little different. The key is to stick with one for awhile at first to simply master the techniques. Then buy yourself a sample pack and try each for 4-7 shaves until you find your favorite. Wilkies for me were one of the worst blades I tried. But as you will find, YMMV.

    Again, welcome Ben! Enjoy the shaves!!
  3. Hi Ben, if you're talking about blades then the WS DE blades are standard to fit about any DE razor.
  4. Welcome. Learn. Enjoy!
  5. I think the only current Wilkinson Sword safety razor is the Classic, which is about £4.50 and among other places Boots sell it. After that you're into vintage territory.

    As JohnH said, DE (double edge) blades are pretty much standard and should fit any DE razor.
  6. Vintage razors here:

    Empire sets up to the 50s that I think took wedge blades, some may take a modified moderns SE blade.
    After that, you can find Wilkinson Sword "Sticky" DE razorsa that will take a rwegular DE blade.
  7. Welcome to the B&B Ben. This forum is amazing as you will soon discover. Enter "Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor" into your search engine to view some outstanding "British" razors. Happy hunting!
  8. Welcome to B&B !!
  9. Don't select your DE blade based on country. Do select your DE blade based on first hand experience.

    According to Royal Shave they're made in Germany. Wilkinson Sword's also an Energizer brand (US).
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  10. Welcome Aboard!
  11. jmg


    Welcome Aboard!
  12. Hi all

    Thank you very much for the friendly welcome posts, advice and for pointing me in the right direction! I will carry out a bit more research and try not to limit myself to one brand, I like the idea of a vintage Wilkinson Sword Empire Safety Razor. I have a few starting points now to expand on and look forward to learning more!

    All the best

  13. I've come to the conclusion that as a newbie, shaving your way through a blade sampler is the equivalent of required reading.

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