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  1. Looking forward into getting deep into this hobby.. As soon as I'm not totally broke. On the look out for a beginner razor. Please feel free to make me an offer on a blade you have or make suggestions. Already picked up a Van Der Hagen kit from target.. Not bad at all. I currently am using that with a Bump Fighter and double blade carts from walmart/dollar general.

    Oh, any suggestions on post shave stuff to use? Also, when I use the mug and soap.. I can't really get a warm lather as I would like. Suggestions?


    Chris Langley

    Edit: Ouch, it's gonna be some time before I can post a looking for in the trade forum. 45 days and 50 posts... quite a lot, but understandable. Just kinda sucks for people wanting to jump in. I'll prolly grab this guy
    Although, it's more expensive than I'd like :( If you think I should get something else.. Lemme know!
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  2. Welcome Chris!

    Warm lather is overrated. It helps if you get your face nicely warmed up with plenty if warm water before shaving, but off course YMMV.

    For the razor, you'll probably get a lot of EJ 89 and Merkur 34c suggestions. Blades? Good luck finding the ones that fit you best.
  3. Hello Chris, Welcome to B&B!

    You can buy a Feather Popular, its a mild razor and cheap as well. Treet delrin 2 piece razors are also decent and inexpensive.
  4. Welcome to B&B and to the art of wetshaving!​
  5. Welcome to the group.
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    Welcome to B&B. You should just watch the BST for DE's. You can buy from others immediately (you just can't post things for sale, or put up WTB posts). There are DE starter kits, and misc DE's for sale constantly. I'd recommend something relatively mild as a starter..maybe a Tech or a Superspeed of some kind.
  7. Welcome to B&B !!
  8. Welcome Aboard!
  9. Prof. Moriarty

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    Welcome to B&B, Chris.
  10. DO THIS :) Can find more expensive ones too if you are so inclined, but the BST seems to have the best prices and you just need to watch for a good sale...

    Look at the threads on the Van Der Hagen kits, some people were speaking bad about the ones in Target, if it's opened and used, it's cheap anyways and I wouldn't care, just if it can be taken back I guess it seemed cheaper to buy it all separate? Not sure, there are multiple threads on those.

    I would look at either Amazon, or some of the shaving shops are really cool and quicker/nicer to order from, and they have a lot of blade sampler packs. I would recommend those, different blades can really change the shave...
  11. Thanks!

    I'll look at these for sure!

    Ah! Duh, of course I can pick up stuff from the BST. Dunno why I thought I wouldn't be able to.

    Van Der Hagen kit is open and treating me alright. Will keep my eye on the BST and try out a sampler pack or two.
  12. Welcome aboard! Enjoy, Chris!
  13. Try loading the brush from your mug and lathering in a bowl. Set the bowl in a sink of hot water and it will gently warm the lather. Metal bowls would conduct the heat better than ceramic ones, but the ceramic bowls ride lower in the water (less likelyhood of tipping) and you can pick something that matches your shave den decor (as opposed to the cat wondering why you put lather in his dish).
  14. +1 For post shaves any nice balm or unrefined shea butter if great. You should consider cold water shaving. Fantastic!
  15. great idea!

    will look into it
  16. Welcome to b&b!
    for a good lather warmer, check out the video link I just put in on a thread in the soap forum. Parker sandle wood Shea butter. Works well, and cheap.
    I'm on my phone, otherwise I'd do it here.
  17. Welcome to B&B.

    Buy a sampler pack of Blades.

    Put a bowl, with your brush in the bowl, into your sink filled with Hot Water.

    Warm up the bown and brush before lathering.

    Also Map Your Face.
  18. so, I secured a Tech :)
  19. Those are touted as nice Gillette vintages that are good for newbies, so looks like you're on your way :)

    I like the Techs, I like the TTO but that is just aesthetics, the tech feels good in the hand.

    Is it a gold one?? :) I like those too.
  20. No idea what color or condition.. although I'm assuming it's nice. I got it for shipping from a nice guy on the forums here.. got some blades too :)

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