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  1. Hi. I'm an American grad student living in Macau, and I'm looking for comments from some of the experts.

    I'm using this thing:

    And the accompanying blades, because they're cheap and available at many stores.

    I'm considering a more expensive double edge (I like nice things), and I'm wondering how people have used this cheap Chinese Gillette feel it compares to higher priced models.
  2. dang! I can't compare for you!

    In general, the weight of vintage DE's is part of their charm.
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    I have no experience with that razor/blade combo. How is it working for you? Some of the best razors I have were very inexpensive and others were not. I agree with Eric V that a well made razor with some weight to it makes for a better shaver.
  5. Welcome. Any Merkur would be a good choice.
  6. I think you will notice a difference in the shorter all metal vintage Gillette or modern Merkur like the Progress or other razors with a beefier head. That weight is what controls the shave for you.
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    +1. I am a big fan of adjustables and like the slim or FB, if you can find them, or the Merkur Progress. All are fine razors.
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  9. Seems to work ok, actually. I haven't used a double edge since my grandfather taught me when I was a kid, so I don't really have a standard for comparison. Kind of rough under the jawline still, but I'm working on it. I'm sure when my shipment of supplies gets here and I can get away from Gillette aerosol foam it'll be even better.

    The weight is what I was wondering about. I like the length of the handle, I've got a big hand. This thing requires you to apply some pressure if you want to shave anything.

    I keep hoping I'll run into some of these Weishi razors in a store someplace, because I'm sure they'll cost absolutely nothing and be fun to play with.. I'm not really desperately looking for something else, I'm just curious how other razors might feel with this one as a standard for comparison.

  10. I think the Weishi is very similar to what you have now in terms of weight. (NONE) So don't be too disappointed if you find one.
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  14. I have big hands also. Once I realized that I held the razor with my fingers and not in my fist, the length of the handle was less of a consideration. My razor collection includes both long and short handled and all are easy to use.
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  17. Welcome to B&B. I'm still using my EJ DE89L and don't have a comparison to that but if it works for you then that is all that matters. Of course if you get a chance to try a vintage razor I've heard they're great and after I've got 30 shaves or so under my belt I'm planning on trying one of the 2 vintage Gillettes I've picked up.

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