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  1. While on vacation I stumbled across a very nice gillette tech gold razor...or at least thats what I believe it to be. It came with a few vintage gillette blue blades, but I am not fond of the way they shaved.....purchased a lot of my starting items from classic shaving and one thing I grabbed was some feather platinum blades, they cut very nice and are quite a bit thinner than the gillettes.

    Overall I am pretty happy with my shaving experience so far, I still need to practice some and find the right soap/lather for my face.

    These forums have been very helpful in getting me pointed in the right direction, with so many different blades, brushes, soaps, etc a guy can get lost pretty quick. Only thing is I wish I would have investigated the classic shaving soap a little bit before purchasing, evaporates quickly and doesn't lather the greatest. Oh well live and learn.
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    I would suggest a razor blade sample pack with your Feathers. There might be a cheaper blade that works as well for you. I think Feathers are good but I had better. YMMV!

    For the soap, sounds like you do not charge the soap enough with your brush, use more product. Have a look at the tutorials:
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    +1 on the sample pack
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    Always remember, relax but be vigilant when you shave!
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    There are lots of soaps to try. I am getting good shaves with VDH deluxe. It does not last very well. I expect to try some different shaving soaps soon.
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